Meet Kat Bellamano: Your Guide to Our Accredited Arbitration Training

Kat Bellamano teaches the accredited arbitration training course at Kompass Professional Development. She has been working in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for 17 years.

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Mental Health & Addictions Course: Who Should Take This Training?

Updated January 2023

It could easily be argued that absolutely everyone can benefit from a quality mental health education course.

With skyrocketing rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide across the globe, it seems obvious that mental health education and resources should be a top priority for us all. 

However, until that day comes, it makes sense to support our first line of defense. We’re talking about front-line professionals who deal closely with the public every single day. 

Health care providers are an obvious part of this group, but there are many other occupations that involve working with and supporting groups of people. Educators, social workers, and HR professionals, to name a few.

Any position that involves helping, treating, teaching, coaching, managing, and motivating others can overlap with the domain of mental health. 

Curious about who takes our Mental Health & Addictions course, or if you could benefit from it yourself? Here's a look at the professions our students come from and why they take this training.

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9 Most Important Skills for Professional Mediators

Updated January 2023

Mediation is often described as both an art and a science. A science because the practice is governed by a clear framework, with concrete technical components and legal boundaries. 

An art because skilled mediators draw on a variety of less tangible assets, like intuition, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and a gift for cultivating trust amidst tension and hostility. 

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Human Resources Careers: Explore Entry-level and Advanced Roles

Updated January 2024

Human resources management (HRM) has a much larger role in business than most people realize.

When you think about HR, what comes to mind? Most likely, you’re thinking about processes like recruitment, hiring, explaining company benefits, and dealing with discipline issues. 

But at today’s leading companies, HR goes far beyond these routine functions. More than ever before, human resources professionals are playing a key role in strategic planning and corporate policy. They are contributing at the highest levels, working with senior management to cultivate the most valuable asset a company has: its people. 

As HR grows as an industry, so does the variety of jobs available in different areas of specialization and different levels of seniority. 

What types of human resources jobs are available? What career paths can you pursue, from HR generalist to specialist roles? Here’s a look at some popular options, as well as some tips on how to transition into the field.

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What to Expect From Our Online Gerontology Course

Updated December 2022

The field of gerontology has changed so much over the last few decades. And with population trends shifting toward an increasing proportion of older people, the study of aging has become more important than ever. 

People are living longer. But longer lives are not necessarily healthier lives.

Seniors need specific kinds of care and support to ensure good quality of life. With public healthcare systems stretched to the limit, and shortages of people with gerontology training, we’re facing serious challenges in this area. 

Do you work with seniors? Want to know more about the aging process, challenges facing today’s seniors, and practical methods for ensuring safe, effective care? 

This is what we teach students in our online gerontology course. In this post, we introduce the instructor and explain which topics and skills we cover and who the training is geared toward. 

Find out what to expect in class, and if this training could benefit you.

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Starting a Career in Mediation? 5 Key Facts About the ADR Institute

Updated October 2022

Mediation is not a regulated profession in Canada. There is no specific degree, diploma, or certificate you must have to start a career in mediation. 

That being said, most successful mediators have earned designations through the ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC)—the country’s leading alternative dispute resolution organization. 

Both mediators and arbitrators can earn different kinds of professional designations through the Institute, depending on their educational qualifications and experience in the field. 

Which designations are available for mediators? How does one qualify? What is involved in gaining membership with the ADR Institute, and what can you expect in return? 

These are 5 quick facts every aspiring mediator should know about the ADR Institute—and laying the groundwork for a successful career in alternative dispute resolution.  

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Top 10 Myths and Facts About Anxiety & Depression

Updated January 2023

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health issues on the planet.

There are some truly staggering statistics on how many people are suffering from these conditions, and how few receive appropriate care. 

In the United States alone, an estimated 18 per cent of the population—40 million people—have some form of anxiety. But only 10 per cent of those people will receive proper, effective treatment for anxiety. 

It’s a similar story with depression. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that close to 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. In some countries, fewer than 25 per cent get any kind of treatment. 

Which brings us to the topic of today’s post: debunking harmful myths around anxiety and depression.

These myths perpetuate the cycle of ignorance and shame and create major barriers to improved mental health in our communities.

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HR Training: 5 Skills Every New Manager Needs (But Very Few Have!)

Updated January 2024

Issues around predatory behavior, illegal conduct, and toxic work environments have been in the spotlight for the past while.

But the truth is, it's always been important to comply with workplace legislation and foster positive professional relationships...not just to avoid lawsuits, but to ensure work teams can grow and thrive.

These are the goals of an effective human resources strategy. And if you've recently moved into a supervisor or manager role, they are the most important objectives on your new to-do list.

But we're guessing you've received little or no HR training on how to actually build and sustain a thriving team. What new skills will you need to make a smooth transition?

These are the five human resources skills every new manager needs—but few actually have.

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Explore Our Online Mediation Course With Instructor Hayley MacPhail

Hayley MacPhail has 20 years experience as a mediator and educator. She specializes in Family Mediation, and teaches an online mediation course at Kompass Professional Development.

If you're considering becoming a mediator (or just want to improve your conflict resolution skills), selecting the right training program can be a major challenge. There are so many options out there.

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5 Most Common Mental Health Disorders (+ Common Warning Signs)

Updated January 2023

Although strides have been made to raise awareness and reduce stigma around mental illness, the issue remains shrouded in shame and secrecy.

Research clearly shows that millions of people across the globe are suffering from poor mental health. Yet health care providers and front-line community workers still lack training in how to identify and assist those in need.

And despite the prevalence of mental illness, there is a wide array of poisonous myths regarding the nature of mental health disorders—and the people who are afflicted by them.

Do you have questions about which mental illnesses are most common, their key characteristics, and treatment options?

If you work closely with the public, there is little doubt that you have encountered people suffering from one (or more) of the following five mental health issues.

This list isn't definitive, but it offers a good summary of attributes, statistics, and warning signs associated with these very common mental illnesses.

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