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New Pharmacy Assistant Program at Herzing Toronto: 10 Quick Facts

June 09, 2020

There is strong demand for pharmacy assistants in Toronto right now. The latest Government Job Bank report shows we have a labour shortage in this....

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7 Best Reasons to Become a Medical Office Assistant

May 27, 2020

Medical office assistants sometimes help with minor medical procedures, such as checking vital signs and measuring a patient's height and weight.

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May 20, 2020

Graphic design is probably one of the most misunderstood fields out there. Every year, we meet with students who are interested in applying to this....

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New Rules for Immigration Consultant Training: Last Chance to Enrol at Herzing

May 12, 2020

Over the past several decades, the number of immigrants admitted into Canada has steadily increased.

In 2001, there were approximately 5.8 million....

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10 Tips for Studying Online at Home

April 22, 2020

The COVID-19 health crisis has forced all of us to adapt to some major life changes. Many people have lost their jobs. Others have found themselves....

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Should You Become a Paralegal or a Law Clerk? 5 Key Differences

April 09, 2020

Toronto is an excellent place to start a legal career. The city is a major hub for law firms, lobby groups, community organizations and businesses,....

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How to Choose a Good Architectural Design Program: Student Checklist

April 06, 2020

This is a good time to become an architectural design technician in Toronto.  

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$5500 Scholarship for Herzing Paralegal Program: Here’s How to Qualify

April 01, 2020

Paralegal students pose for a photo at the Herzing College Toronto campus

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Paralegal Versus Lawyer: 7 Main Differences New Students Should Know

February 19, 2020

Paralegal students holding a mock trial at Herzing College Toronto

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