Meet Marilyn: Legal Studies Instructor Honoured for Excellence

Herzing College has offered an accelerated immigration case manager diploma program for several years. It's designed to prepare students for a rewarding role in the legal field in just nine months.

Experienced immigration consultant Marilyn Taupan teaches the program and has been with Herzing since 2021. Her students consistently give her stellar reviews, and she was recently recognized as Herzing College Toronto’s instructor of the year!

We spoke with Marilyn to get her thoughts on the honour and her overall career journey.

Here’s how that conversation unfolded.

Q. Marilyn, can you share a bit about your education and professional background?

Marilyn: I actually stopped school when I was 16. I went travelling, got married, started a family…and then went back to school after 20 years!

I completed a paralegal program and got my licence in 2013. After that, I went back to school again to become an immigration consultant. I’ve been a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant since 2014.

I now have my own immigration consulting practice in addition to my role at Herzing.


Q. What inspired you to become an instructor?

Marilyn: I have experience in going back to school and trying to start a new life in Canada. I fell in love with immigration because it touched me personally, and being able to impact someone else is amazing.

I know how it feels to go back to school as an adult after many years. I know what it’s like to try to upgrade your skills and start a new career. I understand, and I want to help and inspire others.


Q. What is your favourite part of teaching?

Marilyn: My favourite part is being with the students, telling them my experience, and giving them hope and inspiration. When I’m parting with a cohort, I say goodbye future colleagues! I’ll see you in a meeting next year!

Students will come back and tell me they passed their exam and got their licence, or they already started their business. That’s really gratifying.

I always tell them to get in touch with me and I will help if I can.


Q. What skills are important for immigration case managers?

Marilyn: Being resourceful is the main thing. You need to be able to do research and find answers in order to do your job right.

Attention to detail is also important. And you need to be a good advocate for your client.


Q. What backgrounds do your students typically come from?

Marilyn: My classes are really diverse. Some students are actually lawyers or already have a background in law and would like to focus and specialize in immigration.

Many are newcomers to Canada. I had one student who was from Nigeria, and she had a baby. She connected with me to explain her situation, and I said, you know what, your story is identical to mine. So you can do it.


Q. What are you most proud of accomplishing in your career?

Marilyn: I think my biggest accomplishment is that I didn’t give up.

Some students who are new to Canada struggle with the course a bit and come to me asking if they should continue. I tell them that this is what I went through, and look where I am now! So all you need is patience and focus. If you know you want to become an immigration case manager, that’s it.

I went back to school after 20 years. I have seven kids! Juggling the kids and house and assignments was not easy. But I learned to be patient. I learned to be focused. And I learned that if I put my mind to it, I will accomplish it.


Q. How does it feel to be recognized for your teaching work?

Marilyn: It’s amazing. I enjoy talking to people and making a difference in their lives, and to be noticed for that is a really great feeling.


Q. What advice would you give someone who was considering the immigration case manager program?

Marilyn: I know how tough it can be for students. If someone comes to me and says they’re unable to submit an assignment, I absolutely understand, as long as they are responsible and get in touch with me ahead of time.

I just want to let the student know that it’s OK. I know what it’s like to struggle, but if I made it work, then so can you.



Herzing College offers a nine-month immigration case manager program that includes an internship for real work experience.

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