Online Public Policy Certificate: Meet the Instructor, Explore the Course

Becoming a public policy advisor or analyst offers a unique chance to make a real difference in the lives of millions of Canadians.

This country faces complex policy challenges in many domains, from healthcare and housing to the environment and social welfare. There is steady demand for skilled policy leaders who can develop effective solutions and drive positive change.

Ryan Kelly is one of those leaders. He has extensive experience as a policy analyst and program advisor with both the municipal and provincial levels of government. He also teaches the Public Policy and Administration certificate here at Kompass.

In this interview, he shares some of his own fascinating background in public policy and explains what to expect from the course.

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Public Policy: What It Is, Why It’s Important, and How to Get Involved

Updated January 2024

Public policy can be described as the strategy governments use to meet the needs of society.

All governments must deal with issues that affect large segments of the population, such as taxation, housing, health and safety, and more.

By pursuing a career in public policy, you can play a key role in shaping the principles and priorities that guide a government’s actions.

In this post, we explain what the public policy field is all about and why it matters. We also show you how to get involved in public policy through different educational options and career paths.

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Public Policy Training: 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Policy Proposals

Updated January 2023

So much skill, care, and hard work goes into developing thorough policy recommendations. Analysts spend months gathering research, analyzing data, developing solutions, and evaluating pros, cons, and possible outcomes from every angle.

Then comes the crucial stage of presenting those findings in a comprehensive proposal.

In addition to ensuring accuracy and thoroughness, what else should policy analysts do to make sure their ideas are clearly understood and highly valued?

Start with these five steps to more impactful and persuasive policy proposals.

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What Skills Do You Learn in a Public Policy Certificate? Key Takeaways

Updated January 2023

Public policy refers to the collection of laws and regulations that governments create in response to problems or issues. Such directives are meant to support and promote the collective good.

A public policy certificate program focuses on helping students understand how those laws and regulations are put together.

Training at this level should provide an overview of the policy development cycle and the core skills needed to drive effective decision-making.

And there are plenty of reasons to consider public policy training. The field offers a unique opportunity to create directives that support the well-being of Canadians.

All levels of government rely on skilled policy professionals to help solve complex problems related to law enforcement, education, public health, the environment, social justice, and a host of other important issues.

In this post, we outline what you can expect from a public policy certificate. Find out what this type of training includes and decide if it's right for you.

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