Online Dispute Resolution Training: What Are Your Certificate Options?

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Updated January 2024

Quick summary: Compare accredited mediation and arbitration certificates offered at Kompass. Learn how you can build your own customized online dispute resolution training program.

Disputes are an inevitable part of the human experience. In personal and professional relationships, in family groups and work settings, at the community level, and between nations—conflict is a fact of life. 

It’s how we deal with disputes that defines our capacity to evolve and grow. This is an increasingly valued personal and professional skill.

We’ve been delivering online dispute resolution training for years, and are continuously surprised at the diverse backgrounds and motivations of students. 

You would think most participants are planning to become professional mediators or arbitrators. But that’s not always the case. In fact, many students are simply looking to handle conflict better in their place of work or personal relationships. Others are seeking dispute resolution training to improve their HR and business management skills or become stronger community leaders. 

Whatever your motivation, you’ll find no shortage of training programs out there. Looking specifically for online dispute resolution training? Kompass offers two accredited online dispute resolution certificates and a variety of individual courses on conflict management. 

Which type of training is right for you? Here’s a good breakdown and comparison of your options. 


Accredited Mediation & Dispute Resolution Certificate 

The Mediation and Dispute Resolution certificate is accredited by the ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC) and the ADR Institute of Ontario (ADRIO). 

This means the course meets the basic educational requirements to become a Qualified Mediator. Qualified Mediator (Q. Med) is the entry-level certification for mediators in Canada. 

If your goal is to become a mediator and start or join a professional practice, your first step is to earn the Q. Med designation.  

Quick facts about this certificate: 

☑️ Online delivery 

☑️ 12 weeks long 

☑️ Weekly live lectures and discussions 

☑️ Includes 10 hours of mandatory mediation role-play 

☑️ Taught by highly experienced, certified mediators 

 The Mediation and Dispute Resolution certificate includes six courses. Students learn about tools and techniques for workplace dispute resolution, managing family conflict, the steps involved in a formal mediation, and how to facilitate mediations online. 

This certificate is designed for people who want to become professional mediators as well as those who simply want to improve their conflict management skills. 

Click below to see a detailed course list and learn more about the program, instructor, and costs. 

Explore the Mediation & Dispute Resolution Certificate


Accredited Arbitration Certificate 

The arbitration certificate is another type of online dispute resolution training offered at Kompass 

This course is also accredited by ADRIC and meets training requirements for the Qualified Arbitrator (Q. Arb) designation. Q. Arb is the entry-level designation for arbitrators in Canada.

Arbitration is generally more formal than mediation. The arbitrator acts like a judge, hears arguments from both sides, reviews evidence, and issues a legally binding judgment. 

Many of our students in this course are lawyers or law students, but others work in business, community organizations, or the non-profit sector.

You don’t need a professional background in law to become a certified arbitrator. 

Quick facts about this certificate: 

☑️ Online delivery 

☑️ 10 weeks long 

☑️ Weekly live lectures and discussions 

☑️ Includes 14 hours of mandatory role-play sessions and mock hearings 

☑️ Taught by highly experienced, certified arbitrators 

The online arbitration certificate includes five courses. Students learn the basics of arbitration law, arbitration procedure, and how to conduct an arbitration in person and online. 

Click below for more information on course descriptions, costs, and instructors.

Explore the Accredited Arbitration Certificate at Kompass


Individual Dispute Resolution Courses: Design Your Own Program 

If you’re interested in dispute resolution training but don’t want to take the full mediation or arbitration certificates, you can choose individual courses and design your own program. 

For example, if your main goal is to improve your conflict resolution and negotiation skills, you probably don’t need to study arbitration law, the law of evidence, or family law. 

Instead, you would pick and choose courses that relate specifically to your needs. Students can enrol in just one course or bundle a selection of courses on a particular theme.

Examples of individual courses include:

☑️ Workplace Dispute Resolution (2 weeks) 

☑️ Employee Relations and the Work Environment (2 weeks) 

☑️ Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution (2 weeks) 

☑️ Managing Family Dynamics (2 weeks) 

☑️ Introduction to Family Mediation (2 weeks) 

☑️ Cultural Fluency in Mediation (2 weeks)

☑️ Introduction to Intergenerational Mediation (2 weeks)

Students who are focused on resolving family conflicts can zero in on skills and techniques in that area. Or if work disputes are your main challenge, you can select courses that teach negotiation and conflict resolution skills for the workplace. 

Individual courses don’t lead to professional certification with ADRIC. But they can be very useful for developing leadership skills, motivating teams, and dealing with personal conflict.

Instructors for individual courses are all certified mediators, arbitrators, or human resources professionals. 


Need help choosing a certificate or course?

Your next step is to speak with an admissions advisor. Kompass offers advising through online chat and via email.

Click below to explore all online dispute resolution training options and connect with an advisor now.

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