Outdoor Learning in Early Childhood: Benefits and Strategies

May 21, 2024 8:00:00 AM

The great outdoors has much to offer young children. Activities like making mud pies, building forts, and watching ants are not just fun diversions; they’re valuable opportunities to learn and grow.

Working outdoor play into your daily schedule lets kids indulge their innate need to explore the world around them. And while the logistics might seem a little overwhelming at first, the benefits are too compelling to ignore.

In this blog, we explore the importance of outdoor play in early childhood education. Discover the cognitive and physical advantages of nature-based learning and get practical strategies for incorporating outdoor experiences into your curriculum.

How AI and Automation are Changing (Not Eliminating) Accounting Jobs

May 14, 2024 9:29:56 AM

You may have heard that bookkeepers and accounting technicians are being automated out of existence thanks to artificial intelligence.

AI technology and tools like ChatGPT are transforming the world of work by automating tasks and improving efficiency. Unfortunately, the World Economic Forum identified accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping clerks as at-risk jobs that are set to become increasingly redundant.

But that's based on the notion that bookkeepers are little more than data entry clerks. For those who are eager to take on more analytical and advisory responsibilities, the adoption of AI can actually be a good thing.

The bottom line? Accounting professionals are still in demand, but the way they do their jobs is changing. Keep reading to find out how.

Meet Junesoo: Finding Success in 2D Animation

Apr 25, 2024 8:56:12 AM

Junesoo Lee always knew he wanted a creative career. He liked the idea of bringing new products to life, so industrial design seemed like the way to go. He earned his degree and got a few temporary jobs under his belt. But the work wasn’t as fulfilling as he’d hoped.

What he really wanted to do was focus on anime and animation. But the thought of several more years in school didn’t appeal to him at all.

Then he discovered the 2D animation program at Herzing College. It was exactly what he was looking for: only one year long, with a heavy focus on industry-standard software, and an included internship with a major studio.

Today, Junesoo is a junior animator at the very same studio where he did his internship. We caught up with him recently to get his thoughts about his time at Herzing and how the training helped him get on the right path.

Here’s his story.

Why Learn 2D Animation With Toon Boom?

Apr 17, 2024 1:07:54 PM

If you think you might want to pursue a career in 2D animation, one of the most important things you need to learn is how to use industry-standard animation software. And in the 2D world, that means Toon Boom Harmony.

Harmony is a favourite among professional animators because it’s like having an entire digital animation studio in a single program. The program streamlines complex tasks and integrates easily with other pro tools, making the entire animation process flow smoothly.

In this post, we explore the reasons why Toon Boom Harmony is the preferred software for leading animation studios and how learning it at Herzing College can provide you with a competitive edge.

Read on to find out why you should learn animation with Toon Boom.

Meet Rekha: My Experience in Herzing’s CAD Program

Apr 15, 2024 10:03:29 AM

Rekha Bhardwaj saw computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) training as her ticket to a good job in Canada. She already had experience with AutoCAD 2D in her native India, but she knew she needed to get familiar with a wider range of design software.

She’d heard positive things about Herzing College, so she took the leap and enrolled. Sixteen months later, she graduated and got hired as a designer at a sheet metal fabricator—the very same company where she’d done her internship.

We spoke with Rekha this week to learn more about her experience at Herzing and how it prepared her for a career. Read on for the highlights.

Meet Tazeen: Doctor, Aspiring OHS Pro, and Herzing Cup Winner

Mar 28, 2024 9:09:15 AM

Tazeen Amir (middle) receiving the Herzing Cup from founder Henry Herzing (left) and COO Frank Cianciaruso (right)

Communication skills are on virtually every employer’s most-wanted list. So here at Herzing, we established the Herzing Cup as a way to recognize the outstanding communication skills of our students. Each year, the cup is awarded to the student who delivers the best oral presentation.

This year’s winner is Tazeen Amir, a doctor from Pakistan who is about to complete Herzing’s occupational health and safety program.

We connected with Tazeen to learn more about her fascinating background, her thoughts on the award, and her overall experience at Herzing. Here’s her story.

Breaking Into the Gaming Industry: Guide for 3D Animators

Mar 26, 2024 11:37:28 AM

Gaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry that relies on talented 3D animators to bring characters and worlds to life. But getting started in this field is not always easy. You need a strategic approach.

In this post, we provide valuable insights and actionable advice for 3D animators looking to launch a career in gaming. We offer expert tips on understanding the industry landscape, building a compelling portfolio, networking effectively, and standing out in job applications.

Ready to learn how to get into the video game industry? Let’s get started.

The Rise of Telehealth: Impact on Medical Office Administrators

Mar 21, 2024 1:11:39 PM

Over the past few years, telehealth has emerged as a powerful tool for delivering care. This shift toward virtual consultations has demonstrably improved patient access, convenience, and overall satisfaction. However, the rise of telehealth also presents new realities for medical office administrators and assistants (MOAs).

In this post, we delve into the growing influence of telehealth and explore its impact on MOA roles and responsibilities. We examine the evolving skillsets required for success in this dynamic environment and offer strategies to help you navigate the changing healthcare landscape.

Meet Zouhir: How the Computer Networking Program Got Me on the Right Path

Mar 18, 2024 2:15:31 PM

Zouhir Kherroubi had years of experience with information technology firms in his native Algeria. But he quickly discovered that he needed further training to get where he wanted to go in the Canadian labour market.

The hands-on computer networking technology program at Herzing matched his ambitions perfectly. He graduated in November 2022 and is now a Senior Analyst at a global IT consulting company.

We connected with Zouhir this week to get his thoughts on the training and how it shaped his career path. Read on for his story.

Meet Daniel: Business Guru, IT Expert, and Instructor of the Year

Mar 13, 2024 12:16:46 PM

Daniel Dubreuil has made a career out of combining his passions for sales, technology, and teaching. An award-winning salesman, he embraced the power of computers early on and has shared his experience and expertise with hundreds of students over the years.

He has been teaching at Herzing for 25 years and was recently recognized as our Instructor of the Year—the third time he has received that honour!

We spoke with Daniel recently to learn more about his fascinating career journey. Here are the highlights of that conversation.

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