6 Jobs That Pay Over $55K With Less Than Two Years of Training

Hoping to earn a decent salary without having to complete a bachelor’s degree or spend too many years in school?

Your goal may be easier to achieve than you think. There are several careers that have solid pay and quick training, spanning fields like technology, business, design, healthcare, and more.

Below, we provide details on six jobs that pay over $55,000 as a median salary (based on data from the Government of Canada’s Job Bank) and that you can be fully prepared for with less than two years of college training.

Compare job tasks, earning potential, and training requirements, and see if one of these roles is right for you.


Network administrators set up, optimize, and maintain the wired and wireless computer networks that nearly every modern organization depends on.

They’re responsible for keeping the network working smoothly so that everyone else can get on with their jobs.

Network administrators install network hardware and software, monitor performance and security, perform upgrades, and resolve connectivity issues. They also show new users how to operate the system.

☑️ Training: You can find many networking technology diploma programs in the nine-to-15-month range. A quality program will prepare you for certifications employers look for, like CompTIA Network+ and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

☑️ Median salary in Canada: $66,000

☑️ Top-end salary: $102,700



Computer-aided design/drafting (CAD) technicians are key players in the architecture, manufacturing, and engineering fields.

They use specialized software to create detailed technical drawings, blueprints, schematics, and models.

Their work provides the precise measurements and specifications needed to produce all kinds of products: buildings, bridges, furniture, tools, parts, machines, and more.

CAD technicians also estimate costs and prepare tender documents.

☑️ Training: College-level CAD programs can often be completed in well under two years. Look for one that offers training in several different kinds of CAD software and gives you plenty of real-world experience through an internship.

☑️ Median salary in Canada: $59,100

☑️ Top-end salary: $88,500



Paralegals’ responsibilities vary across Canada.

In most regions, they support the work of lawyers by interviewing clients, conducting research, and drafting documents. They may also assist in court.

In Ontario, paralegals can choose to become licensed. Licensed paralegals can operate their own practice and represent clients independently in prescribed areas, such as in small claims court, before tribunals, and in some criminal matters.

☑️ Training: Many paralegal programs take only 12 months to complete. To be eligible for licensing, you must graduate from a program that’s accredited by the Law Society of Ontario.

☑️ Median salary in Canada: $58,300

☑️ Top-end salary: $95,000



Medical laboratory assistants (MLAs) are healthcare professionals who work both in the lab and directly with patients.

MLAs collect and receive tissue, blood, and other samples. They log and label each sample, carry out routine tests, and prepare specimens for more advanced analysis by a medical laboratory technologist.

They also make sure the lab is properly stocked and all equipment is clean and sterilized.

☑️ Training: Medical laboratory assistant programs are typically only a few months long. For maximum job opportunities, make sure the program you choose covers all the material needed to become certified through the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science.

☑️ Median salary in Canada: $57,100

☑️ Top-end salary: $83,200



Graphic designers work at the intersection of art and technology. Their job is to create visual images that communicate ideas, engage audiences, and inspire action.

These professionals can be involved with anything from logos, book covers, and product packaging to websites, TV shows, and video games.

They study design briefs, prepare sketches and mockups, estimate costs, and modify designs based on client feedback.

☑️ Training: While formal training isn’t technically required, a college program can help you master the latest design software and develop a professional portfolio. Many graphic design programs take just 10 to 15 months to complete, and some include internships.

☑️ Median salary in Canada: $57,100

☑️ Top-end salary: $90,100



Payroll administrators have the important job of making sure all staff get paid the correct amount at the appropriate time.

They track employee hours, calculate wages, prepare earnings and T4 statements, and reconcile payroll payments to bank statements.

They also resolve any discrepancies, complete year-end reports, and answer staff questions related to pay and benefits.

☑️ Training: Diploma programs in accounting and payroll administration are short, typically lasting less than a year. Programs that are recognized by the National Payroll Institute can give you a head start on becoming a Certified Payroll Practitioner.

☑️ Median salary in Canada: $55,600

☑️ Top-end salary: $79,000



You can qualify for jobs that pay over $55K much sooner than you might imagine.

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