4 Reasons To Start Medical Office Administrator Training in Toronto This Year

Are you thinking about a career in healthcare, and wondering if medical office administration is a safe bet and rewarding field?

It's always a good idea to do your research before committing to a training program, and starting down a new career path.

You should look at job outlook, demand in your city, and any big trends that could impact hiring in your field down the road.

And of course, you'll want to make sure you'll actually enjoy the work itself. What kind of skills will you learn in training? What are your employment options?

If you're drawn to working in a medical office, you're on the right track to a career that is growing steadily in Ontario.

Take a look at 4 good reasons why now is an excellent time to start medical office administrator training—and why Toronto's a great place to do it.


1. Ontario has been shifting funding from hospitals to community medical clinics

We've all heard that there's a health care crisis in Canada. Highly populated provinces like Ontario are facing huge demand for health care services, and not enough trained professionals to meet that demand.

One of the biggest issues is our growing population of seniors, and shrinking population of young people. Our seniors need special care as they age, and the way things stand now, we simply don't have the budget or the staff to deliver that care.

Ontario has tried to reduce spending by cutting back on hospital services, and focusing instead on outpatient facilities, and local neighborhood care—like community medical clinics.

This Ontario Health Care Report from the Government of Canada predicts jobs at community medical clinics (doctor, dental, optometrist, chiropractor, etc.) will grow because of this trend.

This is good news for medical office administrators (MOAs), who play an essential role in running these kinds of medical practices.

Every clinic needs trained professionals to schedule appointments, complete patient intakes, maintain inventory, run the reception desk, and take care of billing/insurance processing. This is the domain of medical office administrators.


2. Demand is Steady for Medical Office Administrators in Toronto

Despite government health care cuts, demand for MOAs remains stable across Ontario, and within the GTA. 

The Government of Canada Job Bank gives this occupation 2/3 stars for outlook, predicting our aging population and retiring workforce will continue to create MOA jobs going forward. We're expecting a balance between job-seekers and available positions over the next 10 years.

"The growth of the population, demand for health services, and recent investments in the economic region’s health facilities, should create job opportunities for this occupation." 

Government of Canada Job Bank, Outlook Report


3. You Can Finish Medical Office Administrator Training in Under 1 Year

If you're looking to quickly transition into a health care career, MOA training is one of your fastest options.

If you live in Toronto, you can complete a medical office administrator diploma in just 10 months, full-time—including an internship at a local hospital or clinic.

Your coursework will cover every skill you need to run a clinic, including:

  • the latest medical office software
  • basic office accounting
  • computerized appointment scheduling
  • medical office procedures
  • First Aid and CPR
  • transcription
  • clinical document preparation
  • performing minor medical procedures

See a complete course list for medical office administrator training


4. MOAs enjoy flexible career options

Medical office administrators are found in almost every corner of the health care industry. They work at every kind of medical clinic, in large hospitals, and even long-term care facilities.

Have an interest in a particular area of healthcare? Once you've completed MOA training, you can choose from a range of fields, specializations, and work settings, including:

  • physiotherapy clinics
  • dental offices
  • cosmetic surgery clinics
  • chiropractic practices
  • nursing homes
  • family care clinics
  • hospital clinics and emergency rooms
  • social services
  • veterinary practices

Find the health care setting that best fits your interests and schedule. There are so many options to choose from.

And no matter which career path you follow, you can rest assured you will be a highly valued member of the clinic care team.

Reliable, hard-working medical office administrators will always be in demand. The combination of excellent organizational skills, compassionate patient care, and technical knowledge makes MOAs an essential part of every medical office team.


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Admissions will walk you through application requirements, course schedules, key skills you'll need to succeed, and financial aid options. They can also help you book a campus tour, and answer any questions you have about the career path. 

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