5 Business Careers With Quick Training and Good Employment Growth

Hoping for a short route to an in-demand job in the business sector? You're in luck.

Plenty of business careers come with impressive employment outlooks and do not require years of university training.

In fact, in just 12 months or less, you can be prepared to work as an administrative assistant, office manager, procurement officer, health and safety officer, or accounting and payroll administrator.

Every one of those roles is expected to see double-digit growth across Manitoba in the next few years.

Read on to get details on these 5 business careers and see which path appeals to you.



Administrative assistants take care of a wide range of clerical and organizational tasks that keep an office operating effectively.

They greet clients at reception, respond to phone and online inquiries, and schedule meetings, appointments, and events.

They also organize and maintain files, prepare reports and other documents, process mail and receive deliveries, and order office supplies as necessary.


Training requirements: Administrative assistant training is quick, typically taking well under a year. Herzing’s program is only 7 months long.

Training teaches you how to:

☑️ Use standard office software

☑️ Communicate professionally

☑️ Handle the reception desk

☑️ Manage information and scheduling

☑️ Understand basic accounting principles


Career outlook: The Manitoba government expects 2,100 jobs for administrative assistants to open up across the province between 2019 and 2025.

That means employment in this field is projected to grow by 26%.


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Office managers coordinate and oversee the administrative functions of a business.

Their responsibilities often include hiring and supervising support staff, managing budgets, processing payroll, and monitoring inventory.

They also develop filing and record-keeping systems and look for ways to make office procedures more efficient.


Training requirements: Business degree programs are available, but a diploma offers a quicker route to entry-level employment.

Business administration training at the college level typically takes about a year.

You will receive training in:

☑️ Microsoft Office software

☑️ Business communications

☑️ Accounting

☑️ Sales and marketing

☑️ Human resources

☑️ Project management


Career outlook: Jobs for administrative officers are expected to grow by 32% from 2019 to 2025, according to Manitoba government projections.

Around 2,400 openings are expected throughout the province over that time frame.


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Procurement officers work in the supply chain field. They focus on obtaining the materials and supplies a business needs to operate.

They determine what’s required, evaluate different suppliers, negotiate prices, and track deliveries.

Procurement specialist Stefano Petriello says a major part of the job is managing the flow of goods through a distribution network.

“This involves reviewing weekly stock levels, forecasting material to use for commodity storage, creating purchase orders, following up in the supply chain process, and exercising cost-effective strategies.”


Training requirements: Supply chain management training can prepare you to become a procurement officer. Diploma programs take about 12 months.

You will learn how to:

☑️ Select suppliers

☑️ Understand contract law and create solid procurement agreements

☑️ Negotiate effectively

☑️ Navigate the logistics of moving goods by road, air, water, and rail

☑️ Manage operations and warehouses so that orders get processed efficiently


Career outlook: Employment of purchasing/procurement officers should grow by 29% by 2025, based on Manitoba government estimates.

About 400 openings should emerge over that time.


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Occupational health and safety officers aim to keep people safe in the workplace.

They do this by carrying out inspections and making sure all rules are being followed.

Common tasks include identifying hazards, documenting procedures, investigating accidents, and training staff on safety protocols.


Training requirements: You can qualify for a position as a health and safety officer with a college diploma. Occupational health and safety training generally takes about a year.

A good program will show you how to:

☑️ Understand and apply health and safety regulations

☑️ Identify potential hazards

☑️ Conduct workplace inspections

☑️ Deliver health and safety training programs

☑️ Communicate effectively with both employees and management


Career outlook: Health and safety professionals are expected to have a job growth rate of 18% from 2019 to 2025, according to the Manitoba government.

Approximately 200 jobs should become available over that time span.

Herzing instructor Andrew Pugachev says health and safety managers have a bright future.

“The industry is growing and constantly hiring in Winnipeg.

In many cases, there aren’t enough health and safety officers to efficiently serve our vast province. So we’re certainly seeing strong growth in this field, and a lot of job opportunities.”


Explore the Occupational Health & Safety Program



Accounting and payroll administrators are the money people every business needs.

They’re in charge of tracking a business’s revenues and expenses and making sure everyone gets paid the correct amount at the proper time.

Their day-to-day tasks include managing accounts payable and receivable, maintaining the general ledger, producing financial statements, and processing payroll.


Training requirements: College-level accounting and payroll administration training can be completed in less than a year. The program at Herzing runs for just 10 months.

Your courses will cover:

☑️ Microsoft Office

☑️ Accounting-specific software packages like QuickBooks and Sage

☑️ Accounting principles and practices

☑️ Payroll processing methods

☑️ Payroll compliance


Michelle Riedner had zero experience with computers when she enrolled in the accounting and payroll course at Herzing College.

After graduating, she landed an accounting position with a Winnipeg business.

“I work daily in QuickBooks and SharePoint. I post bills, invoice service orders and jobs, enter in time sheets for our employees, and do filing and mailing. I love this job.”


Career outlook: Accounting and related clerks in Manitoba should see employment growth of 27% between 2019 and 2025, based on provincial government estimates.

Roughly 1,700 jobs in this field should open up during that time.


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Herzing College Winnipeg offers quick training programs for several in-demand business careers.

All of our business programs are available online. Each program includes an internship at a local company, so students can get real work experience prior to graduation.

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