What is a Community Outreach Worker? Jobs, Salaries, Training

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Updated December 2023

Are you drawn to a career in social services, but don't know what types of jobs are available in this field? Or maybe you’re interested in becoming a community outreach worker, but need to know more about what the position involves.

You've come to the right place.

In this post, we'll break down exactly what a community outreach worker does, including the training, career options, and skills required for this position.

We'll also look at some recent job postings and salaries, so you can explore descriptions, employers, and typical pay for this work.

Get a complete overview of the profession, and see if becoming a community outreach worker is right for you.


What does a community outreach worker do?

Simply put, a community outreach worker connects people in need with the right community organizations and resources.

They often work with a specific demographic, such as:

☑️ At-risk women and mothers

☑️ Families in need of special support

☑️ Children and youth

☑️ New Canadians

☑️ Homeless populations

☑️ Elderly and isolated individuals

☑️ People living with disabilities

☑️ People suffering from addiction and mental illness

☑️ Indigenous populations


The main focus of all community outreach workers is the same: to support, assist, and empower vulnerable people.

The exact responsibilities of a community outreach worker will depend on the organization they work for and the population they serve. However, typical tasks for this role almost always include:

☑️ Interviewing and counselling those in need of assistance

☑️ Creating treatment plans and programs

☑️ Helping to set and achieve life goals

☑️ Helping to develop life management skills

☑️ Encouraging inclusion and participation in the community

☑️ Evaluating progress and providing ongoing support

Working closely with the public is a given in this occupation. Empathy, compassion, and communication skills are essential requirements for community outreach workers.


Where do community outreach workers get hired?

The job market for community outreach workers is very broad. There are many public, private, and non-profit organizations that hire for this role, including:

☑️ Hospitals

☑️ Halfway houses

☑️ Detoxification centres

☑️ Residential care facilities

☑️ Rehabilitation centres

☑️ Outpatient clinics

☑️ Women’s shelters

☑️ Youth centres


Examples of Community Outreach Worker Jobs

To get a better idea of possible employers, we researched current job openings for community outreach workers on the Government of Canada Job Bank.

Here are some good examples of employment opportunities and salaries.


Example #1: Emergency Weather Shelter Support Worker in Abbotsford, BC

Job description: Provide a range of front-line support services to the clients and work as part of a team whose mandate is to ensure the shelter is a respectful, secure, safe, clean, and supportive place in which to reside, visit, and work. 

Salary: $27.50 an hour


Example #2: Youth Worker in Saskatoon

Job description: Provide support services for hard-to-serve youth who have been involved in at-risk & high-risk lifestyles. Your mission is to encourage and support them to make choices that improve their quality of life.

Salary: $22.42 an hour


Example #3: Street Outreach Worker in Ottawa

Job description: Participate as a member of various two-person teams mobile teams working with the street-entrenched population to ensure their basic needs are being met while encouraging and assisting them in moving towards the initial steps of securing housing.

Salary: $24.10 an hour


Example #4: Community Shelter Worker in Toronto

Job description: Provide support to clients who are facing issues of poverty, mental health, addictions, abuse, and social isolation within one of our shelters or respite services.

Salary: $23.97 to $25.56 an hour


The median salary for community outreach workers in Canada is $24.18 an hour, according to the Government of Canada Job Bank.


What Training is needed to become a community outreach worker?

Most community outreach worker jobs require a diploma or certificate in human services, community services, or a related program.

Many positions have additional requirements, such as:

☑️ First aid and CPR certificates

☑️ Criminal record check

☑️ Child abuse registry check

☑️ Adult abuse registry check

Most community services worker programs are six to 12 months long. Many include internships to give students real community work experience prior to graduation.


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