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Starting a Career in Building Design: Your First 5 Steps

Mar 22, 2019 3:54:52 PM

Updated December 2023

Interested in architecture, building design, and the construction process? Like the idea of being part of a design team and watching your concepts come to life as real buildings?

You've got a few different options in terms of design training and careers. You can go to university and complete a bachelor's or master's degree in architecture. Or you can focus on the inside of buildings and homes and become an interior designer.

Another option is to become a building design technician. This typically involves a one-to-two-year diploma program in drafting and design technology.

If you're looking for a shorter training option, becoming a building designer makes more sense than becoming a licensed architect. 

Let's take a closer look at what it takes to start a career in this field.

9 Reasons to Choose a Career in Building Design

Nov 13, 2018 1:59:39 PM

Updated December 2022

Frankly, there are so many reasons to choose a career in building design, we had a hard time narrowing it down to just nine.

Anyone who's working happily in this field knows how creative/exciting/challenging/cutting-edge/diverse building design can be.

But if you're just starting out—just beginning to look at training programs—you need to dig a little deeper. You need solid information about what it's like to become a building designer, and what to expect out in the field.

And that's what this post is all about.

So read on and explore these nine excellent reasons to go for it and start a career in building design.

5 Keys to Successful Building Design: An Intro for New Students

Oct 5, 2018 12:21:50 PM

What are some of the challenges you'll face as a new building designer? What steps will you go through when creating new building concepts from scratch?

Key questions for anyone considering a career in building design.

On the surface, building design might seem like a purely technical occupation. You work with computer-aided design software all day, do a lot of calculations, and produce highly detailed drawings and blueprints.

But the truth is, building design is about much, much more than plugging measurements into a computer program. It's truly an art and a science.

Pros & Cons of Becoming a Building Design Technician: Should You Go For It?

Aug 15, 2018 2:20:11 PM

Updated May 2023

Every career has its ups and downs. No matter which profession you choose, there'll be parts of the job you won't exactly love.

Building Design Instructor Jacob Allderdice's Advice for New Students

Apr 30, 2018 8:50:21 AM

Licensed architect and Herzing instructor Jacob Allderdice

Updated November 2022

Are you considering a career in building design? Wondering what college training programs look like and what your employment options would be after graduation?

You've come to the right place! This week, we're talking with Herzing's Building Design Technician program instructor, Jacob Allderdice, a veteran design professional with decades of industry experience and plenty of advice for prospective design students.

The 5 Phases of Building Design & the Role of Drafters at Every Stage

Apr 19, 2017 10:05:30 AM

Updated November 2022

Drafters participate in every stage of the design and construction process. They work closely with architects, engineers, and builders to map out schematics and blueprints—and follow projects throughout construction, ensuring they stay true to the original concept.

While every project is unique, architectural firms typically follow a widely recognized sequence of steps when planning, conceptualizing, and implementing designs.

In this post, we break down these five phases of architectural design and explain the part drafters play at each stage to help bring design concepts to life.

Job Outlook & Key Skills for Architectural CAD Technicians in Ontario

Mar 27, 2017 9:27:49 AM

Updated December 2023

If you have an interest in architecture and engineering and like the idea of being part of the building design and planning process, training as a draftsperson could be your ideal career path.

Your first step is to understand the professional role of drafter/designers, get a sense of the most in-demand skills in this field, and of course, find out whether there is demand for CAD technicians in your area.

Read on to learn which core skills matter most for entry-level designers and take a look at the latest government research on demand for this profession in Ontario.

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