Turn Your OHS Diploma into a Degree at Columbia Southern University

Students who complete the occupational health and safety (OHS) program at Herzing College now have an easier way to continue their training and earn a bachelor degree.

Herzing recently signed an articulation agreement with Columbia Southern University (CSU).

The agreement means that graduates of our OHS program can transfer 45 credits to CSU’s bachelor’s program in health and safety.

Our OHS grads are automatically accepted into CSU’s program and can earn their full degree in a shorter time.

To learn more about the new agreement and how it benefits Herzing students, we spoke with Dr. Joe Manjone. He’s the Assistant Provost for Special Programs at Columbia Southern University.

Read on to learn more about CSU and how you could turn your OHS diploma into a degree.


Q. Joe, let’s start with your role as Assistant Provost for Special Programs. What is this role all about?

Joe Manjone: I deal with international programs, continuing education, and articulations.

So a big part of my role is to build these agreements with other institutions to transfer credits to Columbia Southern so students can continue their training here.

We work with colleges and universities as well as a lot of training agencies like fire departments, medical services, and safety organizations.


Q. For those who aren’t familiar with CSU, can you give us some background on the university? What makes CSU unique?

Joe Majone: First of all, we started out as a safety training agency.

We were the first online safety program to be accepted by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP), which is recognized as a leader in the OHS industry.

The BCSP offers two levels of certifications: Associate Safety Professional and Certified Safety Professional.

We’re one of the few universities that offer the prep courses for those exams.

In most universities, if a student graduates with a bachelor’s degree, they have to take the Associate Safety Professional (ASP) exam.

But if they take Columbia Southern’s program and come out with a bachelor’s degree, they can bypass the ASP and take the Certified Safety Professional exam instead.


Q. Can you tell us a bit about the student body at CSU?

Joe Majone: The average age of our students is in the mid-40s. They are typically looking to get promoted or go into a different career field.

In fact, 40% of our students are either active or retired military. We’re one of the top military-friendly universities in the United States.

We specialize in serving up flexible training formats and working with non-traditional students.


Q. Your bachelor degree in health and safety is delivered online. Can you tell us about your online learning system and ‘start anytime’ policy?

Joe Majone: At CSU, we have two types of courses: term courses and what we call LifePace.

The term courses are about 9 weeks long, and they are very structured. Students have to hand in an assignment every week, they have to have it in at a certain time, and things are run like in a traditional classroom.

LifePace is flexible. Students can sign up literally anytime. You could start a course tomorrow.

You have 10 weeks to finish it, but you can finish it in as little as 3 weeks if you want to work fast.

For instance, I had one student who worked a pipeline in Alaska. All he had to do was make sure the pipe didn’t leak, so he was studying at work and finishing courses very quickly.

We also offer course extensions of up to 60 days.


Q. Can you walk us through the articulation agreement between CSU and Herzing College? How does this partnership work?

Joe Manjone: Graduates of Herzing’s OHS diploma can transfer 45 credits toward the Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health at CSU.

They don’t have to apply to the university; they’re just automatically accepted.

When they submit their transcript, our registrar’s office will verify that the Herzing courses all transfer. The registrar’s office will then let the students know which courses they still need to take to complete the bachelor’s.

It will take roughly two and a half years for Herzing students to finish the remaining 75 credits and graduate with the bachelor’s degree from CSU.

Our program is recognized by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, and graduates are immediately eligible for certification with the BCSP.

BCSP certifications are recognized all over the world.


Q. Can you tell us about tuition costs? Do Herzing graduates get any sort of special deal?

Joe Manjone: Our costs are very low. We normally charge $235 a credit hour. We have some of the lowest tuition rates in the country.

But because Herzing College is a learning partner, your students get a 10% discount. So it would be $211.50 per credit hour.

And that includes their learning resources, which could be hardcopy textbooks, e-books, etc.

We focus on making our degree programs as affordable and flexible as possible, so more people can pursue higher education and advance their careers.

 A big thank-you to Dr. Joe Manjone for walking us through the new articulation agreement, and providing an inside look at CSU. 


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Training takes just 12 months to complete, and includes an internship for real work experience.

The courses included in the diploma count for 45 credits toward a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health from Columbia Southern University.

Still have questions? Reach out to Admissions.

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