What Does It Mean to Study Business Administration?

Updated December 2022

Few fields are as diverse and wide-ranging as business administration.

This area of study focusses on how companies operate. That includes a lot of different departments and roles, including accounting, marketing, sales, management, human resources, and more. By studying business administration, you can learn how to lead a team, manage resources, attract clients, run an office, help with bookkeeping, or handle routine clerical responsibilities.

Here's the key thing to know: You can study business administration at the university level with a degree program OR you can take a diploma in business at the college level. The skills you learn will be quite different, depending on which path you choose.

Hering College Winnipeg has been turning out business administration graduates for many years. In this post, we break down the differences between diplomas and degrees, including what you'll study and what jobs you'll qualify for after graduation.

Find out what it means to study business administration and if this field is right for you.



You have a lot of options when it comes to business administration programs! Schools across the globe offer different versions of this training, and it's one of the most popular choices among students.

Training falls into two main categories: degrees and diplomas. So, what's the difference?

Here's what you need to know.

☑️ A business administration diploma is short, usually only a year or two long.

It introduces you to how companies are structured and run. Courses cover a wide range of essential business skills.

Programs are designed to prepare you for entry-level office jobs in areas like accounting clerk, marketing assistant, account manager, office administrator, and client services coordinator.

The goal is to get you into the workforce quickly. You learn on the job and advance to more senior roles over time.


☑️ A business administration degree takes longer to complete, generally three to four years.

Business administration degrees go deeper into each topic area. They also include more elective classes, such as international business or corporate social responsibility.

With a business admin degree, you can qualify for higher-level positions like sales manager, business manager, or marketing manager. You can also go on to an MBA program.


The bottom line: A business administration degree provides more in-depth training and can help you land management positions, but it takes longer and costs more.

A business admin diploma is the fastest and cheaper route to entry-level employment at a business, government agency, or large corporation. It can be a good option for someone who wants to upgrade their office skills, compete for a better job, or start their own business.



At Herzing Winnipeg, we specialize in business administration diplomas. Our students come from all backgrounds and age groups, but they have one thing in common: they want to start working quickly.

Our business administration program takes just 12 months to complete, and prepares students to work in several different office roles. It's a generalist business program that covers a lot of ground. 

Several colleges offer this type of training. If you choose this path, you will learn how to:

☑️ Use the Microsoft Office suite of products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access)

☑️ Record transactions, prepare financial statements, and complete basic bookkeeping tasks

☑️ Write, edit, and deliver reports and presentations

☑️ Develop a marketing plan and assist with marketing strategy

☑️ Apply effective sales techniques

☑️ Understand organizational behaviour

☑️ Manage project timelines and resources

☑️ Interview, hire, and train employees

☑️ Start and run a small business

Herzing graduate Karl Raynes used the skills he developed in the business administration program to launch his own company.

"The course on entrepreneurship, where we learned how to open a business, make a business plan, and create a marketing strategy, was very helpful. I've used these skills to locate and attract customers for my business.

The accounting course has also been really useful. When I started doing the books for my business, I went back and looked at the work I did at Herzing.

I am applying everything I learned to manage our accounts."



Business administration is one of the most flexible areas of study. Because it touches on so many different areas, grads are prepared to take on a wide variety of office positions.

Below is a sample of entry-level jobs you could get with a business admin diploma, along with how much they pay (based on data from the Government of Canada Job Bank).


☑️ Accounting clerk

Accounting clerks keep track of the money going in and out of an organization.

They calculate and process purchase orders, expense reports, invoices, and cheques. They also reconcile financial statements and prepare reports.

Median salary in Manitoba: $42,000


☑️ Administrative assistant

Administrative assistants carry out a wide variety of duties that keep a business running efficiently.

That can include scheduling appointments, ordering supplies, answering inquiries, maintaining files, and preparing reports.

Median salary in Manitoba: $46,000


☑️ Marketing assistant

Marketing specialists help promote their organization and ensure that all branding remains consistent.

They typically monitor campaign metrics, produce blogs and brochures, organize promotional events, create social media content, and attend trade shows.

Median salary in Manitoba: $55,000


☑️ Human resources clerk

HR assistants help hire staff and manage the employee experience.

Typical tasks include posting job openings, screening applicants, maintaining personnel records, arranging training, and answering questions about policies and benefits.

Median salary in Manitoba: $45,000



Check out the Business Administration diploma at Herzing College Winnipeg. It takes just 12 months to complete and includes a two-month internship at a local company. You can study on campus or online, or do a mix of both.

Our business graduates have been hired by community organizations, corporations, businesses, banks, and government agencies across the country.

Need more info? An admissions advisor can answer any questions you have about courses, admission requirements, tuition, and application procedures.

Click below to explore the program and chat live with an advisor. We're here to help!

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