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Considering Supply Chain Management? Meet the Teacher, Tour our Program

Nov 21, 2019 12:41:57 PM

William Rapisarda teaches the online Supply Chain Management program at Herzing, and is an Associate Category Manager with Cabela's Canada

We started offering a Supply Chain Management program at Herzing a couple of years ago, when we saw big demand in the field across Manitoba.

But the truth is, not many people are aware of how fast this industry is growing...or what supply chain management even is!

We got so many questions about the training, career path, and job options that we decided to bring in an expert to answer them.

Who better to ask than William Rapisarda? He teaches the Supply Chain Management program at Herzing and has been working in the field for almost 25 years.

Supply Chain Management is Booming in Manitoba: What Are Your Career Options?

Jan 14, 2019 11:37:37 AM

First of all, what exactly is a supply chain? And what's involved in "managing" it?

In simple terms, a supply chain is the process of manufacturing, storing, and shipping a product from point A to point B. For example, it's the journey your cell phone goes through, from creation to warehouse to store shelf to your pocket.

And when you think about where all the different components of your cell phone come from, and how far the final product travels to reach your local store, that's a very complex journey. That's where the management part comes into play.

Considering Supply Chain Management Training? Expert Advice for New Students

Aug 24, 2018 12:41:41 PM

When we asked who would be the best person to advise students considering supply chain careers in Manitoba, Rick Reid was the obvious choice.

Rick is the Executive Director of the Supply Chain Management Association of Manitoba (SCMA MB).

The SCMA is Canada’s largest association for supply chain management professionals, with regional offices all across the country. To date, the Association represents 7,500 members working in sourcing, procurement, logistics, inventory, and contract management. 

Negotiating in Supply Chain Management: Are You Ready to Make a Deal?

Dec 18, 2017 10:09:00 AM

What part does negotiation play in supply chain management?

It's actually quite simple.  If you work in purchasing or procurement, a key part of your role will be to track inventory levels and order new components, equipment, or raw materials as needed so your employer can fulfill orders coming in from clients.

This means identifying the best suppliers for the products you need and negotiating the best deal you can in terms of price, quality, service, conditions, etc.  

In most cases, you'll talk to several different suppliers and compare deals before deciding on who your company will do business with.

Working in Procurement After Supply Chain Management Training: Pros, Cons & Tips from an Expert

Jul 21, 2017 2:03:29 PM

Demand for procurement specialists, purchasing agents and officers is steady from coast-to-coast in Canada, according to the latest data from the Government of Canada Job Bank. 

Waves of retirements, a shortage of trained job candidates, and growth in the supply chain industry is creating opportunities for new grads in this role—and in other areas of supply chain management, such as logistics and transportation and materials/inventory sourcing.

Considering heading back to school to earn a supply chain management diploma? Wondering what kinds of career paths you might pursue after training?

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