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New Software Development Diploma: An Inside Look

Jul 26, 2022 9:19:02 AM

Software development is a field that’s just exploding with opportunities across Canada. According to data from the Labour Market Information Council, the number of online job postings for programmers skyrocketed by more than 285 per cent over the last three years. What’s more, developers came in at number two on Randstad’s list of the top 15 jobs in Canada in 2022.

That’s why Herzing College is excited to announce the launch of a new 12-month diploma program in software development. Delivered online, it provides comprehensive training in a variety of programming languages so that you can be ready to take advantage of growing career opportunities.

So just what can you expect from the new program? To find out, we spoke with course designer Derek Lewis.

Can You Become a Programmer Without a University Degree?

Feb 7, 2020 9:59:55 AM

The short answer is yes. You can become a programmer without earning a university degree in computer science or software engineering. 

The longer answer is a bit more complicated. Starting your career without a degree will mean doing quite a bit of self-study and self-training. You need to be a hard worker and highly motivated to succeed. 

The truth is, this field is big (there are hundreds of programming languages!) and it’s changing all the time. Even with a degree, you’ll spend a lot of time studying new tech and teaching yourself new skills. 

So this begs the question: If you don’t want to go to university, what’s the best way to get your programming career off the ground? 

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