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Would You Benefit From an HR Training Course for Managers?

Feb 25, 2019 3:22:15 PM

Updated June, 2021.

Many people aspire to become managers. They want the added challenge, authority, and salary that comes with moving from team member, to team leader. They work hard, put in the time, and get that promotion.

But what many new managers don't realize, is that leading a team demands a whole new skillset—abilities that go far beyond what was required of them before.

And the worst part is, very few companies have new manager training programs designed to help you make the transition successfully.

You're basically on your own. You'll find yourself modelling your management style on the approaches you've experienced with other leaders—for better or for worse.

Some managers never really develop a cohesive, effective approach. They're forever grappling with high employee turnover, sluggish productivity, disorganization, and disgruntled team members.

This is where human resources training can make a huge difference. Even a basic, introductory course can transform how managers communicate with and motivate their teams.

Would you benefit from HR training for managers? Start by asking yourself these 4 key questions.

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