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The Office Assistant's Guide to Multi-tasking: 3 Keys to Juggling Tasks Like a Pro

February 13, 2018

When most people think about the challenges of running an office, the very first thing that comes to mind is multitasking.

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4 Qualities Every Employer Wants in an Office Assistant

January 04, 2018

There's a common misconception that office support staff have it easy. Because they're not primary decision-makers, or managing a whole department,....

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6 Rules of Email Etiquette Every Office Assistant Should Know

August 01, 2017

Can you guess how many emails the average business person sends and receives in a single day?

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5 Business Writing Tips You'll Learn in Your Office Assistant Courses

March 15, 2016

Writing is perhaps the most underrated ability you can have in an office environment. Many people pursuing office careers will go to great lengths to....

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Do You Have what it Takes to be A Virtual Office Assistant?

June 12, 2015

From the comfort of a home office, virtual office assistants are able to perform the typical clerical duties that are necessary for any business to....

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4 Reasons Every Business Needs an Office Assistant

May 12, 2015

Do a quick search of your favourite job posting site and you’ll almost always find a long list of companies looking for office assistants. That’s no....

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