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Top 5 Skills You'll Learn in Office Assistant Training

Mar 4, 2021 9:53:19 AM

Don't think office assistants need specific training to do their jobs well? Think again! This role is increasingly important—and increasingly complex.

Office assistants are needed in businesses and organizations of every stripe and size. From non-profits to start-ups to multi-national corporations. No professional team can survive without skilled administrators keeping the wheels turning.

So, it's no surprise that trained, talented office admins are highly sought after. In Winnipeg, the Government of Canada Job Bank is predicting steady demand for office administrators straight through to 2026.

What exactly will you need to take advantage of those job opportunities, and build a successful career as an office assistant?

Start with the top 5 skills taught in quality office assistant training. These are the competencies absolutely every employer is looking for.

6 Rules of Email Etiquette Every Office Assistant Should Know

Aug 1, 2017 12:20:34 PM

Can you guess how many emails the average business person sends and receives in a single day?

A study from market research firm, The Radicati Group, pegs the number at a dizzying 124 emails per day. And that figure has been inching steadily upward for the last several years. It's expected to reach 126 emails per day by 2019.

With so many people working remotely and travelling for business, reliance on email (particularly via smartphones) is heavier than ever. If you're considering a career as an office assistant, you can rest assured that one of your primary tasks will be to sort through, respond to, and send out emails.