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Community Services Worker Careers: Working With At-Risk Youth

Oct 3, 2017 9:09:45 AM

Updated December 2022

Who exactly are "at-risk" youth? Definitions vary, but this term generally refers to young people whose health, safety, and future prospects have been seriously compromised by situations beyond their control.

These situations may include abusive home environments, mental illness, or addiction—and lead to criminal behaviour and/or dropping out of school.

Overall, at-risk youth are less likely to transition successfully into adulthood by finishing school, entering the workforce, maintaining good mental health, and becoming contributing members of their communities. Their lives are often cut short by suicide and violence, or derailed by incarceration.

Community services workers who specialize in youth work help troubled teens map out a better future and take the often challenging steps needed to get there.

Considering becoming a youth worker after CSW training? These are some of the challenges you'll be helping clients face and the special skills you'll need to counsel and support at-risk youth.

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