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Mental Health Education: Top 3 Signs of Depression in Adolescents

April 25, 2018

In 2017, CBC News shared new data from Statistics Canada on rising rates of depression among Canadian youth.

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3 Ways Community Mental Health Courses Improve Your Job Performance

March 19, 2018

Does your job put you into close contact with individuals you suspect suffer from mental health issues? Feel ill-equipped to properly support these....

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Do You Work With Seniors? Top Mental Health Challenges of Canadians Over 65

January 17, 2018

Does your work bring you into regular contact with seniors? Does your position in community services or health care entail supporting older people?

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Considering Online Mental Health Training? 4 Things to Look for in a Quality Certificate

January 12, 2018

Does your work bring you into close contact with individuals who may suffer from mental health issues? Find you're not sure how to engage with or....

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Mental Health Training: How do You Recognize a Concurrent Disorder?

November 30, 2017

What is a concurrent disorder?

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Do I Need a Community Mental Health Certificate? 4 Questions to Consider

June 14, 2017

Mental health is a growing concern in Canada. Rates of mental illness are on the rise among all age groups, and almost every one of us is impacted,....

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