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Meet Megan: My Experience in Herzing's 2D Animation Course

Feb 12, 2021 1:46:36 PM

Photo: Megan Winters, 2D animation graduate, Herzing College Ottawa


Wondering what it's like to take an 2D animation course? Have questions about breaking into the animation industry?

Megan Winters is the perfect person to talk to.

She got into 2D animation a bit later in life, after putting several years into an office job. She tried out some different animation schools but struggled to find the right fit.

She even landed a few animation gigs, but needed more advanced software skills to really get her career off the ground.

Fast-forward a few years and Megan's just about finished the 2D animation course at Herzing. The best part? She has already been hired by a major Ottawa animation studio.

We interviewed Megan to get her opinion of the 2D program, and learn more about her career plans after graduation.

Find out what to expect in class and if this training might be right for you.

Herzing's Entire 2D Animation Class Hired By Big Jump Entertainment

May 25, 2020 11:27:23 AM

Top animation studio, Big Jump Entertainment, has partnered with Herzing College to train and recruit talented 2D animation students.

A lot of people dream of a career in 2D animation, working on major TV shows and movies at a top animation studio. But they figure the industry is too hard to break into. There’s too much competition for great studio jobs and they’ll never get hired after investing in training. 

They feel pressured to choose another, less “risky” career path and give up on becoming an animator. Sound familiar?  

We recently started a 2D Animation program at Herzing because the exact opposite is true. There is actually a major shortage of skilled 2D animators in Ottawa.

Herzing Partners with Big Jump: Animation Students Get Studio Experience & Job Opportunities

Apr 17, 2019 3:12:18 PM

Herzing College partners with leading animation studio, Big Jump Entertainment, to offer students internships, training, and jobs

Did you know that Ottawa is one of the hottest cities in Canada for animation? Ottawa is home to 7 major studios, employs at least 1000 animators, and creates amazing content for iconic production companies, like Disney and Marvel.

And we're just getting started. Ottawa is quickly gaining a reputation for world-class animation talent. Local studios are getting more work, and seeking to expand—the only problem is finding trained animators to hire.

Demand is overtaking supply, and the city is experiencing a serious shortage of animation professionals. Cory Morrison is one of the founders of Big Jump Entertainment, and is seeing this phenomenon unfold on the front lines.

6 Reasons Herzing Has the Best 2D Animation Program in Ottawa

Mar 21, 2019 2:19:00 PM

Cory Morrison (Big Jump Entertainment) and A.J. Cote (Herzing 2D animation instructor) do an interview with CTV News to announce the new partnership between Herzing and Big Jump.

Most people don't realize it, but Ottawa is a major hub for 2D animation. The city is home to several amazing animation studios—including Jam Filled, Big Jump, and Mercury Filmworks.

These companies work on all kinds of projects, from Disney to Nickelodeon to Netflix. In fact, there is so much animation work flowing through Ottawa, studios can't find enough local talent to meet production needs.

A lot of the work ends up getting outsourced overseas. This is where Herzing College comes in. We launched our 2D Animation Diploma to fill this gap in the Ottawa workforce.

Huge Demand for 2D Animators in Ottawa: Should You Get Training?

Sep 12, 2018 6:02:09 AM

This week, we talked with the creator of Herzing's 2D Animation program, the amazingly talented (and generally awesome) A.J. Cote.

We wanted to find out exactly what Ottawa has to offer new animation grads, and how Herzing's program is unique compared to other training out there.

Since A.J. actually developed the program—and has worked as an animator in Ottawa for decades—he's the perfect person to advise anyone considering this career path.

If that's you, you're probably wondering what skills you'll learn in class, and how hard it'll be to land an animation job after college. A.J. has answers to these questions, and a lot more.

Considering 2D Animation Training? Here's What You'll Get From a Quality Diploma Program

Jun 6, 2018 2:55:47 PM

If you'd love to turn your passion for 2D animation into a real career, you've got a few different training options to choose from, to help you break into the industry.

In an innovative, technology-driven field like animation, the quality of the training you get will definitely impact your skill level, confidence, and job options—so it's crucial to get this step right.

There are university degrees in animation, a slew of free online courses, various certificates—and at the college level, diploma programs in 2D animation. Which option makes the most sense for you?