Student Support Services: The Real Value of Education

By Fred Standil
Student Services Advisor at Herzing College

The pursuit of post-secondary education is always a good thing. But there are numerous challenges for students to overcome as they move through their chosen program of study.

As someone who once walked in those shoes, I can report that the benefits of education can and should last a lifetime.

One of the concepts discussed in education circles is the idea that we all need to be lifelong learners. While your time at Herzing may be relatively short, it is hoped that valuable life lessons learned in your respective programs will stay with you well into the future.

One of the primary observations I made at an early age is that it is only by engaging and learning that we evolve and develop into more complete people. In fact, I have been known to say that education, above all, has taught me how much I don’t know.

Information is there to be discovered. Your commitment to education at Herzing College is a statement that lets both yourself and those in your orbit know that you do wish to be an engaged and active player in creating the changes you want to see in our communities. Of this, you can be proud.

Hindsight teaches those of us who have gone through formal education that this is just the start of this journey that we call life. While it is often difficult to see when you are in the middle of the process, remember that we all have starting points that propel us forward.

Be open to questioning things that do not necessarily make sense to you as you make your way through your program. You are the force that will ultimately determine your path in life. We all need support and encouragement. Such positive influences should be embraced.

Value your own voice. Education should teach us civility, reason, open-mindedness, a sense of fairness, collegiality, resourcefulness, compassion, and a host of other admirable qualities.

Life can be tricky to navigate. Our ability to be confident that we are actively challenging ourselves and absorbing legitimate information plays a central role in the development of our self-esteem.

There is no such thing as a person who knows everything. We all need to constantly learn and refine the qualities that we share with the world. While attitudes and beliefs do change over time, our core values belong to each and every one of us. Do not compromise for the sake of appeasing others.

Most of all, make a conscious decision to become a lifelong learner.


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