Student Support Services: Navigating a New Normal

By Fred Standil
Student Services Advisor at Herzing College

Welcome back. As I sit in my office at the college, I am struck by what seem to be competing feelings. Much like yourselves, I am trying to process the past 24-plus months since the world changed.

On the one hand, I am very much celebrating being back at Herzing, which represents a return to our workplace and institution of learning. I am looking forward to business as usual.

However, the reality is that we are in new territory. "Business as usual" is currently very loosely defined.

We are all somewhat numb from the past couple of years. Exhaustion is another word that is frequently identified when speaking with friends and colleagues.

As a student, I am sure that you have had to navigate a bumpy road during this seemingly endless stretch of time.

I have spoken to and virtually met with many students who have been dealt a difficult hand as they’ve struggled to meet their academic obligations while juggling a variety of personal issues and responsibilities.

Some of the common emotional responses to Covid-19 have included feeling anxious or worried, stressed, angry, sad, bored, lonely or isolated, depressed, hopeless, indifferent, panicked, guilty, etc.

This “touching base” effort is to acknowledge that we are all moving forward and hoping for positive outcomes. As the Student Services Advisor, I am committed to helping you walk this path at a pace that is comfortable for you.

The in-person meetings will return in a safe environment. In addition, I am still able to meet via Microsoft Teams to discuss any concerns/obstacles that you may be encountering as you pursue your educational goals.

Once again, welcome back.


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