Student Support Services: Leaning on Others

By Fred Standil
Student Services Advisor at Herzing College

Our students enter the college at different stages of their lives. While there are younger adults who have moved from high school straight to Herzing, many others are returning to education having been away from formal schooling for long periods of time.

One of the first things to consider (regardless of which stage of life you find yourself at) is the following question: “Do I have a support network around me that I can turn to when necessary?” There are many different responses from students when they are faced with this question.

While the decision to pursue education is a big one, so too is your ability to assess your current situation and enter this commitment with a plan.

Think of a support group as a safety net. It may include family, friends, service providers, classmates, etc. Typically, these are people who have your best interests at heart.

We tend to naturally tackle new challenges on our own. Independence is valued in our society. While this is an admirable concept, most people need to know that should they encounter obstacles they can lean on others to help them along the way.

The acceptance of this approach should provide some comfort if you are someone who has rarely (if ever) sought help from others. We have certainly progressed as a society when it comes to reaching out for guidance.

I have personally observed many students who were hesitant to take that initial step in seeking support. My answer has always been the same for anyone who actively strives to make themselves stronger. It is a sign of strength to accept assistance when times are tough.

By embracing this idea, you will learn that life often requires pivotal people, moments, decisions, and challenges upon which you can reflect going forward. There are not too many accomplished people who, when asked to identify turning points in their lives, do not specifically mention those folks who have been there for them.

In short, having a reliable support network is essential. It is like a good insurance policy. You can continue to evolve and learn when you need to turn to your networks.

Learn to identify your limitations. It will serve you well down the road.

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