Top 7 Reasons to Take Broadcasting & Media Communications at Herzing

Updated January 2024

Dreaming of a successful career in radio, television, or internet broadcasting? Your first step in making that dream a reality is selecting a quality broadcasting and media communications program.

The program you choose can absolutely affect your chances of landing a great first job and making a name for yourself in this highly competitive field.

For years, Herzing College has been producing talented, creative, successful media communications professionals, across every part of the industry.

Discover why Herzing is, hands down, your best choice for broadcasting training.

1. Courses Cover many Different Broadcasting and Communication Skills

This is one of the most unique and important aspects of Herzing's Broadcasting and Media Communications program. The goal of this training is to prepare students for as many different broadcasting roles as possible—so you'll understand every aspect of the business and have maximum job options after college.

We've achieved this goal by designing a program that covers a wide range of broadcasting skill areas, including:

☑️ Announcing

☑️ Producing

☑️ Copywriting

☑️ Sales and promotions

☑️ Video/audio production and editing

☑️ Reporting

☑️ Digital content production

No other program covers this much ground in just 12 months. And you'll get plenty of practice with all of these skills through hands-on projects, using the latest tools and digital technology.


2. Expert Instructor with 25 Years of Broadcasting Experience in Winnipeg

Bev Edmondson has been active in the broadcasting scene for over 25 years. She's worked in news, sports, production, promotions, and management.

Fun fact: Bev was the very first female play-by-play hockey announcer in Canada! She's been teaching Herzing's Broadcasting and Media Communications program for many years—and before that, she taught at the Academy of Broadcasting, where she was also the director.

See a detailed course list for the Broadcasting Program


3. Perfect Balance of traditional and New media training

Broadcasting has changed a lot over the past 20 years. New digital tools and the explosion of YouTube and podcasting have forever altered the way people approach media and communications.

That being said, there are certain fundamentals of broadcasting that remain basically the same—like how to write a good news story, conduct an interview, follow the principles of good journalism, and deliver effective on-air announcing.

The best broadcasting training helps students develop a well-rounded skillset. You need to master those foundational skills while learning new media communication techniques, such as:

☑️ Digital content creation

☑️ Writing for different social media platforms

☑️ Blogging

☑️ Online marketing and advertising tactics

☑️ Smartphone video editing

☑️ Branding

Bev says Herzing does an excellent job of meeting this goal:

"One of the great aspects of this program is how traditional media skills are adapted to today's digital media platforms. Students graduate with the right balance of fundamental and cutting-edge skills."


4. Work on real projects with media companies

Excited to sink your teeth into some real broadcasting and media projects? Want to help research, write, or produce real content for different platforms, working with a professional media team?

Herzing offers students those opportunities through partnerships with TV/radio stations and media companies. Collaborating with experienced communications professionals is a key part of this program.

Bev says seeing students make connections with industry professionals and get discovered for their talents is one of the best parts of teaching this program:

"We work closely with the media to help with special projects at a variety of stations. It's fun for the students to assist with current media projects—and watching them make successful connections with the local broadcasting industry is a huge highlight for me, and them!"


5. Your Broadcasting Diploma Comes with a Guaranteed internship

Quality training is important, but it takes real work experience to launch a career in broadcasting and media communications. Getting that very first gig can be challenging, which is why Herzing's program includes a guaranteed internship.

Every broadcasting student gets six weeks (150 hours) of on-the-job training at a station or media company. This is your chance to apply what you've learned in class, gain confidence, make industry connections—and possibly land a job offer before you even graduate.

Every year, Bev sees Herzing students get snapped up by local companies, straight out of their internships.

"Interns get a meaningful amount of on-air time, and these practicum placements often result in jobs after college. One year, Golden West hired half our summer graduates!"


6. Study online

Live far from the Herzing campus, or don't have time to attend class during the day? No problem. Herzing is one of the only private colleges to offer this program online.

Our goal is to accommodate busy, working people who need a class schedule that really fits around their other responsibilities. No matter what your situation is, this program can be adapted to suit your needs.


7. Be Ready for your first broadcasting job in just 12 months

We don't recommend choosing a broadcasting program based solely on length. But we can't deny that for some students, earning a diploma quickly is very important.

If you're already juggling work, family, or other commitments, squeezing in college classes can be really challenging. The shorter the program, the less time you'll need to keep that juggling act going.

That's why Herzing offers an accelerated Broadcasting and Media Communications program. In just 12 months, you're done training and ready for work.


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