Ontario Government Will Pay For Your PSW Program! Learn How to Qualify

The Ontario government has just announced that it will invest a whopping $86 million to train up to 8,000 personal support workers (PSWs). 

Demand is so high for PSWs in Ontario, the government is offering a special bursary to help students pay for tuition and cover costs during their internship. 

They’re calling it the Personal Support Worker Challenge Fund. It will provide money for tuition, textbooks and supplies, plus a stipend to support students while they’re on work placements. 

Considered becoming a personal support worker but didn’t think you could afford tuition? Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to get your PSW program paid for by the government. 

Find out how to qualify for funding, important deadlines, and other key facts about the Personal Support Worker Challenge Fund. 


Who Qualifies for PSW Program Funding? 

Anyone accepted to start our Personal Support Worker program between May 1st and July 312021 is eligible to receive funding from the government. 

The PSW Challenge Fund bursary will be administered through OSAP. So, you must apply to OSAP to receive the bursary.  

Herzing admissions staff will help all eligible applicants prepare and submit their OSAP application. 

Please note: The PSW Challenge Fund is not available to international students.


How Much Money Can PSW Students Get? 

Eligible students will receive the following financial assistance from the PSW Challenge Fund: 

☑️ Up to $7,500 for tuition, books and other mandatory fees 

☑️ Up to $5,735 to cover costs during the work placement 

This almost covers the entire cost of tuition for the PSW program at Herzing College Ottawa. 

Herzing is giving eligible students an additional $1,560 scholarship to cover the rest. 

That means your total tuition, books, supplies, and internship costs will be completely covered. 


Do you have to pay the money back? 

No. Money you receive from the PSW Challenge Fund does not have to be repaid. It is a bursary, not a loan.

The goal is to help eligible students become personal support workers without taking on any debt or financial stress. 

Ross Romano, Minister of Colleges and Universities explains,  

“We’re making it easier for more students to access personal support worker programs at private career colleges to prepare them for critical jobs caring for some of the most vulnerable people in Ontario.” 


Is there a deadline to apply? 

Yes. If you’re applying to a private career college like Herzing, you must start your PSW program between May 1 and July 31st to qualify for funding. 

Simply contact Herzing admissions to submit your application for the program. An Advisor will confirm your eligibility for funding and help you complete the necessary steps. 

Our next PSW program start dates are:  May 31 and June 14.


Space is limited, submit your application now

Herzing College has limited spots available in our summer PSW program. Don’t wait, apply now to secure your place and receive the bursary to cover your tuition costs. 

An Admissions Advisor can answer any questions you have about training or the PSW Challenge Fund. 


What exactly does a Personal Support Worker do? 

Personal support workers help care for people who need assistance with daily tasks, such as:  

  • personal grooming and hygiene 
  • mobility (getting up and moving around)
  • medication reminders 
  • doctor prescribed exercise/therapies 
  • nutrition and meal preparation 
  • travel to appointments, social activities, errands, etc. 

PSWs often work at nursing homes, long-term care facilities, home-care companies, and hospitals. They are the “eyes and ears” of nurses and doctors, who don't have time to visit patients every day. 

PSWs carefully assist and observe their clients, keeping watch for any changes in behaviour or health, and reporting those changes to a supervisor. 

Personal support workers also provide an essential service to families who can no longer care for their loved ones. They offer peace of mind and compassionate care to those who need it most. 


About Herzing’s Personal Support Worker Program 

Herzing College Ottawa offers a comprehensive Personal Support Worker program. Training takes 8 months and includes 2 work placements 

Our graduates are employed by organizations throughout Ottawa, including: 

  • Ottawa Carleton Rehabilitation and Health Care 
  • Pearly Rideau Retirement Home 
  • Access Health 
  • Elizabeth Home Care 
  • Oak Park Retirement 
  • Elizabeth Home Care 
  • Portobello Manor 

Click below for complete PSW program details or to chat live with an Admissions AdvisorFind out if you’re eligible for funding and how to get started. 

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