New Initiatives to Honour Former Herzing President Bill Riches

Our community lost a cherished friend, colleague, and leader when Bill Riches passed away in April following a battle with cancer.

During his 27 years as president of the Herzing College Winnipeg campus, Bill touched the lives of countless students and staff.

He showed a genuine interest in the people around him and could often be found not tucked away in his office, but out in the hallways, faculty areas, and classrooms.

He also gave generously of his time over the years, serving as a board member for organizations like the Better Business Bureau of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario, the Canadian Education and Training Accreditation Commission (CETAC), and the Manitoba Association of Career Colleges (MACC).

To honour his dedication to education, service, and community, we are pleased to announce a couple new initiatives.



This new scholarship program is designed to reward students who understand the value of volunteering and commit to making a positive change in their lives through education.

“Bill strongly believed that a person has to make a commitment to change,” said Director of Admissions Andrew Malazdrewicz.

“What he wanted to see was a person who set a goal for their life and then committed to taking the steps required to achieve it.

He also believed that volunteering was a good demonstration of character.”

Under this new initiative, Herzing College will award five scholarships per year, each with a value of $1,000.

The scholarships will be given to new students who:

  • Meet the entrance requirements for their chosen program
  • Complete the enrolment process
  • Submit a short essay on either their personal experience with volunteering, or why volunteering is important in their respective communities



Never content to sit behind a desk, Bill was always out and about, fostering personal connections with everyone at Herzing.

“Bill was really all about students and staff,” said Andrew.

“He would get to know people to an amazing level. He would remember what things were happening on students’ weekends and talk to them about it in the hallway—it was really quite a unique thing. He did the same with staff.”

To reflect the importance Bill put on coming together and building relationships, the student lounge area at the Winnipeg campus will be renamed the Bill Riches Commons.



Through these new initiatives, we hope to honour the legacy of a man who had such a powerful impact on the Herzing community.

“Bill understood that education was one of the most important vehicles with the power to enhance a person’s life and lifestyle. He believed that you could never go wrong by enhancing a person’s educational development, and that practical, marketable skills will always be in demand,” said Andrew.

“This approach to education, and his caring and personal approach to each and every student and staff member, impacted not only the Winnipeg campus, but the entire Herzing College system.”

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