Meet Marsha: My Experience in the Immigration Case Manager Program

It was an experience with a thief that sparked Marsha Swaby’s interest in an immigration career.

Once, while she was on a trip outside of Canada, Marsha had her personal documents stolen. Her ID and other important papers were gone, and she had to find her way through the bureaucratic process of getting them back.

That’s when she decided she wanted to help others facing similar problems.

Marsha signed up for Herzing’s Immigration Case Manager program, completed her internship, and landed a job as a legal services associate even before she graduated.

We spoke to Marsha to get her thoughts on the program and how it has shaped her career path.

Here’s what she had to say.

Q. Marsha, can you tell us about yourself?

Marsha: My passion for immigration started when my personal documents were stolen while I was travelling overseas. I needed those documents but wasn’t sure about the process of restoring everything, so I had to go through lots of different government websites.

That gave me a genuine desire to help others navigate similar processes and avoid as many problems as possible.


Q. What were you doing before you went back to school?

Marsha: I was working for a nonprofit organization that hires clergy workers into Canada to conduct religious work for the institution. My responsibilities there were to assist in any or all immigration-related matters.


Q. How did you decide to enrol in the Immigration Case Manager program at Herzing College?

Marsha: I decided to enrol at Herzing after realizing I could help a lot more people if I got more training. That’s when I started researching schools that offer immigration courses.

I searched the websites for each school, checking the length of the training.

I wanted a shorter program that would let me get to work sooner. Herzing was the best school that matched what I was looking for, so I decided to enrol there.


Q. What is your overall opinion of the ICM program at Herzing?

Marsha: I found it pretty decent. The program covers the fundamentals of immigration laws and what we need to be a legal associate, working with an immigration lawyer or consultant in good standing.


Q. Tell us about your internship. What kinds of things did you do?

Marsha: I did my internship with criminal and immigration lawyer Steven Tress.

One of my tasks was to assess clients’ eligibility for a specific immigration pathway, like Express Entry. I also conducted client consultations, performed legal research, and prepared submission letters.

I learned so much from working directly with Steven Tress and his team. I am now confident to enter the legal industry.


Q. How did Herzing College help you find a job?

Marsha: Anh Mai was my internship advisor. She helped me get my first interview with Steven Tress.

She also told me about a full-time position at PwC that she believed suited me. She later introduced me to the recruiting manager at PwC, who interviewed me and recommended me for the job.

Two weeks into my internship, I received a job offer from PwC.

Herzing’s Career Services team helped me with encouraging words and a positive attitude. Their belief in me helped boost my confidence.


Q. What did you learn in your time at Herzing College that you feel will be helpful in your future career?

Marsha: I learned a lot about how Canadian immigration law is administered. I now have the knowledge to prepare an immigration application and assist clients with their specific situation.


Q. Do you have any advice for future students preparing for the internship and full-time employment?

Marsha: My recommendations are to give your best, and be ready and willing to learn as much as possible.

Also, be honest and transparent throughout the interview process. That’s where the employer will get to know more about your personality, not just your qualifications.



Herzing College offers a unique Immigration Case Manager program that runs for just nine months.

Courses cover Canadian immigration law, submission writing, communications, ethics, and legal office procedures.

The training also includes a five-week internship at a law firm or immigration consulting company.

Not sure if the program is right for you? We recommend speaking with admissions. An advisor can explain course schedules, requirements, costs, financial aid options, and more.

Click below to learn more about the Immigration Case Manager program and chat live with an advisor. We're here to help!

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