Immigration Careers: Where Do Immigration Case Managers Work?

Are you considering a career in the immigration industry? There's never been a better time to get started.

According to federal government reports, Canada plans to welcome more than 400,000 immigrants each year between 2021 and 2023.

That's the highest annual number of newcomers the country has admitted in more than a century.

All of this growth in immigration means stronger demand for the professionals who help with visa applications and the often complex process of settling in Canada.

You may be familiar with roles like immigration lawyer and immigration consultant. But have you heard of immigration case managers?

Where are they employed? What exactly do they do? How can you become one?

In this post, we explain everything you need to know about this in-demand role.

Find out where a career as an immigration case manager can take you.


Immigration case manager vs lawyer and consultant

Confused about the differences between immigration lawyers, immigration consultants, and immigration case managers?

Here's how these roles compare:

☑️ Immigration lawyers and consultants help people navigate the legal process of settling in Canada. They are licensed professionals who assess each client's chances of being admitted to the country.

Immigration lawyers and consultants interpret the law, offer expert advice, and develop a personalized immigration strategy for each client.


☑️ Immigration case managers support the work of lawyers and consultants. This involves preparing immigration documents, collecting information from clients, and tracking submission deadlines. They don't need a license to practise.

While the lawyer or consultant interprets immigration laws and develops a strategy for each client, the case manager handles the administrative tasks that keep each client's file moving forward.



Most commonly, immigration case managers work for immigration consulting companies and law firms.

But those aren't the only possible employers. Others include:

☑️ Non-profit groups

☑️ Settlement agencies

☑️ Companies that employ their own immigration legal teams

Immigration consultant and Herzing instructor Cassandra Fultz has more than a decade of experience in the field. She says case managers can find opportunities all across the country.

"Immigration case managers work everywhere from the big immigration law firms in downtown Toronto to boutique immigration consulting firms in the Prairies.

The Canadian immigration legal industry is everywhere in Canada—every city in every province, and all the regions in between."



If you become an immigration case manager, what would you actually do each day?

Your responsibilities could include:

☑️ Helping clients fill out immigration application forms

☑️ Corresponding with clients on the status of their file

☑️ Conducting legal research

☑️ Gathering supporting documents

☑️ Writing cover letters for submissions

☑️ Making sure applications are submitted on time

Cassandra says case managers play a key part in helping lawyers and consultants manage their caseload.

"An immigration case manager is the glue that holds an immigration legal team together.

Their work is extremely important because it allows the legal representative on the file, such as the immigration consultant or lawyer, to focus on their own responsibilities.

The end result is better service for clients and more application approvals. My own case manager has worked with me for 10 years and I would be lost without her!"



According to Glassdoor, immigration case managers in Canada make an average of about $61,000 per year.

However, the amount you earn will vary depending on who you work for and how much experience you have.

During our research, we found immigration case manager job postings that offered anywhere from $31,000 to $65,000 per year.



Unlike immigration consultants and lawyers, case managers do not need to earn a university degree or pass a licensing exam.

You can get started in this career with a college diploma.

Immigration case manager training takes less than a year to complete. Students learn about:

☑️ Canadian immigration law

☑️ Documents and applications for temporary residents, family sponsorships, refugees, and other classifications

☑️ How to perform legal research

☑️ How to manage client files and compose submission letters

☑️ Professional ethics

Cassandra says students are totally ready to enter the workforce right after completing their training.

"By the end of the Immigration Case Manager program, graduates have relevant legal knowledge and a wealth of applicable skills. They are prepared to hit the ground running in any professional immigration environment.

This makes them highly employable and sought after in the industry."



Ready to explore training for one of the hottest immigration careers?

Check out the Immigration Case Manager program at Herzing College Toronto. It's the only program of its kind in Ontario.

The program takes just 9 months to finish and includes a 5-week internship at an immigration consulting company or law firm.

Still have questions? Wondering if this training is right for you?

We suggest speaking with Admissions.

An Advisor can give you important details about careers, class schedules, upcoming start dates, and application requirements.

Click below to learn more about the Immigration Case Manager program and chat live with an Advisor. We're here to help!

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