Herzing Partners With Valley Fiber to Train New Install Technicians

Valley Fiber (VF) had an ambitious goal: to bring quality internet services to as many rural Manitobans as possible. But if they were going to be able to make that happen, they needed to find more skilled technicians.

Herzing College had the solution: a customized network cabling program that prepares individuals for employment as install technicians with Valley Fiber.

The training takes just six weeks, and VF even covers half the tuition. All trainees who successfully complete the program get hired.

If you’ve ever considered a career in telecommunications, this is a fantastic opportunity.

To learn more about the partnership and what it means to be a Valley Fiber install technician, we spoke with Jody Haines, director of human resources.

Q. For those who don’t know, can you give us some background on Valley Fiber? What kind of services do you provide and what areas do you cover?

Jody: Valley Fiber started in 2016 and exists to bring dedicated high-speed internet to underserviced communities in rural Manitoba. We provide fiber and fixed wireless internet as well as TV and home phone packages. We have the highest-quality internet connection in Canada.


Q. Why are install technicians in such high demand?

Jody: As we bring fiber internet to communities around Manitoba, we look to our install technicians to go into our customers’ homes and connect their internet service. We want to get as many customers “live” this year as possible and install techs have the customer service and technical training to meet this goal.


Q. Can you tell us about the partnership with Herzing? How does it work?

Jody: Interested individuals can register for the six-week Foundations in Network Cabling course. They pay half the tuition, and Valley Fiber will pay the other half of the tuition. We will interview the candidates to confirm that they would be a good fit for the VF Installation & Repair team.

When the course ends in September, they will be able to start working at Valley Fiber.


Q. What specific requirements do candidates have to meet?

Jody: They must have a driver’s licence, be able to lift 50 pounds, and be willing to drive longer distances and occasionally stay in a hotel.


Q. What kinds of jobs will program participants get at Valley Fiber? What responsibilities will they have?

Jody: They will be install technicians, and will be responsible to go to our customers’ homes and connect their internet service.


Q. What qualities does Valley Fiber look for in new technicians?

Jody: Good candidates are people who have a strong desire to succeed and to provide customer service, and who enjoy learning new skills.


Q. What else should students know about Valley Fiber and this particular opportunity?

Jody: This is a new partnership for us, and we are excited to experiment with a new way of recruiting and training install technicians.


Q. What is it about Herzing that makes you confident they’ll produce the kind of grads you want to hire?

Jody: Herzing College has a positive reputation within Manitoba, and all of our previous interactions with the college, including with hosting interns, have been great experiences!



Herzing College Winnipeg offers a six-week network cabling program that is specifically designed to train students for roles as install technicians with Valley Fiber. VF covers half the tuition and hires all successful grads.

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