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Should You Become an Electrician? Top Pros & Cons

May 1, 2020

Good electricians will always be in demand. Talented sparkies are respected for their intelligence, problem-solving abilities, and technical knowledge.

Should You Become a Plumber or an Electrician? 7 Points to Consider

October 10, 2019

Pre-apprenticeship students in class at Herzing College (trades division)

Meet Leshan: What I Think of the Combined Electrician/Network Cabling Program

September 9, 2019

electrician and network cabling program

HVAC versus Electrician: Which Skilled Trade is Better for You?

July 11, 2019

skilled trades training careersIf you look at skilled trade forums and discussion groups online, you'll often see debate over HVAC and electrician—and which career path is better.

Would You Make a Good Electrician? 7 Questions to Consider

March 1, 2019

electrician trainingYou've heard that electricians make a good salary, and enjoy steady demand in Ontario. You've looked into some trades programs, and think electrician could be a good fit for you.

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