7 Good Reasons To Choose The Online Community Support Worker Program

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge spike in the number of online students. Across almost all of our diploma programs, more and more students are choosing to study online. 

Demand has been so high for online training, this year we decided to launch our very first online community support worker program. 

It’s part of the Herzing Flex-Ed system—flexible study options specifically designed to work around your busy schedule. 

But, why should you choose online community support worker training over the on-campus version? And exactly how does the online CSW program work? 

In this post, we’re covering both these questions and more. Here are the top 7 reasons the online community support worker program could be your best option for social work training. 


1. Online community support worker program offers total flexibility 

Do you live far from the Herzing Winnipeg campus? Need to balance school with work, family—or both? Simply don’t want to come to campus every day for class? 

So many college students fall into one (or more) of these categories. In the days before online learning, every student had to follow the same, fixed class schedule. There were very few accommodations for people who were working full-time or raising a family. 

This made training impossible for many students. But times have changed. Online learning has made it easier for people to fit classes around their schedule, whether that means studying in the morning, night, or on weekends.

Our online community support worker program is available in two different online formats: 

Totally online: You don’t attend any classes on campus. You view lectures and complete assignments from anywhere, at any time, using our online learning platform. 

Hybrid format: You do a mix of on-campus and online learning. Attend some classes online, and complete the rest online, working around your schedule. This option is perfect for people who want some face-to-face time with classmates and instructors. 

Between these two study options, we can accommodate every type of learner, every kind of schedule. No one is left out. The online community support worker program makes career training accessible to everyone. 

Convenience is the number one reason students choose this program. 


2. No difference in courses or curriculum 

There was once a stigma associated with online learning. People assumed an online course could never be “as good” as its on-ground equivalent.  

There was this idea that online classes were less complete, less comprehensive than the on-campus experience. But with advances in online learning platforms, this perception has changed. 

At Herzing, our online learning system offers online community support worker students the exact same courses and curriculum as on-campus students. Courses include: 


☑️ Mental health and addictions 

☑️ Assessment, interviews, and counselling techniques 

☑️ Psychology 

☑️ Sociology 

☑️ Understanding community services in Canada 

☑️ Professional skills for community support workers 

☑️ 4-week internship


You have access to all the same lectures. You complete all the same courses and assignments. There is virtually no difference between the two learning formats—accept with the online program, you can study when and where you choose. 

Online training has become so mainstream, at least 50% of Herzing Winnipeg students are currently enrolled in online diploma programs. 


3. Online students complete the same internship as in-class students 

The internship is a crucial part of training and job preparation. It’s vital for applying the skills you’ve learned in class, building confidence, and getting experience for your resume. 

This is why online community support worker training includes the exact same internship opportunities as the in-class version of the program (4-week internship). 

Our CSW students also do volunteer work while making their way through the courses. Volunteering in the community is built into the curriculum. Online students can do the same, and get practical, hands-on experience helping real people in their own community.

Whether you choose to study in-class or online, you'll get the chance to work with a community organization before you graduate.


4. Full access to learning tools & helpful student services 

Online community support worker students get access to a complete library of multi-media learning tools and resources. The online platform is very easy to use, and has everything students need to be successful in the program. 

Instructors regularly update the materials, adding helpful information about the social work industry and job options, and other tools to support your success.  

There is no gap between what students hear about in class, and what you can access through the online platform. 

Plus, even if you choose to study completely online, you’ll still have access to helpful services, such as the Career Development team. Career Development helps you prepare your resume, get ready for interviews, and find job opportunities as you near graduation. 


5. Help from Your CSW instructor whenever you need it 

In the past, one of the biggest issues with online learning was access to the instructor. Online students were too disconnected from the classroom and teacher, and didn’t feel supported enough during the learning process. 

Now, with options ranging from phone calls, emails, social media and Skype, there is no reason for online students to feel “left out.” 

Instructors are always available to respond to questions, discuss important issues, and talk through assignments. Whether you’re in class or online, help from your CSW instructor is always available, whenever you need it.  


6. Regular online discussions to keep you motivated 

It’s true that with online learning, you won’t have the same level of interaction with classmates as your on-campus peers. You won’t see fellow students every day, and get the chance to grab coffee after class. 

However, just because you’re studying online, doesn’t mean you won’t have any contact with other CSW students. Online discussions and interactions are built into the program.

Online students have the same opportunities to debate key issues, get to know classmates, and feel connected to the school community. 

Research shows that participation is key for staying motivated and on-track while learning online. If you take the online community support worker program, you’ll be asked to contribute regular feedback to discussion questions, and share your views on assignments and issues, through virtual discussion groups. 

For some students, this is actually their preferred way to learn. Those who tend to be shy or introverted are often more comfortable participating in online discussions, versus a live classroom environment. 

If you want a bit of both, the hybrid (online/on-campus) CSW program is your perfect fit. 


7. Our student satisfaction rates are actually higher for online programs 

Every year, Herzing College collects information on student satisfaction, to determine how well we’re meeting student expectations and needs. 

In 2019, we were surprised to learn that our online students had higher satisfaction rates than our on-campus students! 

The combination of convenience and overall learning experience has pushed these rates higher over the years, as more students enjoy the benefits of studying through Flex-Ed. 

This is why we created the online community support worker program—to meet growing demand for flexible programs that don’t compromise on curriculum or engagement. 

Interested in learning more? Read on for your next step. 


Is the online community support worker program right for you? 

Herzing offers 3 types of community support worker training: 

1. On campus: Take all your classes at the Herzing Winnipeg campus in the traditional version of the community support worker program

2. Online: Study totally online, but still get access to the internship and career support services. 

3. Hybrid: Choose a blend of on-campus and online learning. Attend some classes on campus, and complete the rest online.  


No matter which format you choose, the community support worker program takes 11 months to complete, and includes a guaranteed 4-week internship. 

Wondering if the online community support worker program is right for you? It’s time to speak with an Admissions Advisor. 

An Advisor will walk you through complete program details, pros and cons, costs, class schedules, and more. You can talk about your learning needs, and determine which study format will suit you best. 

Click below to get started. Explore the program, request free information by email, or chat live with an Admissions Advisor right now. We're here to help! 

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