Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Career in Early Childhood Education

Updated December 2023

What's the best thing about starting a career in early childhood education (ECE)? It's hard to narrow it down to just 10!

This is such an inspiring field. If you love working with kids and have the heart of a teacher, you can find your true calling as an early childhood educator.

Need a little inspiration to get moving toward your goal? Let this post be your guide.

In our opinion, these are the top 10 reasons to become an early childhood educator—and the absolute best things about the profession.

If you agree, you're definitely on the right track in pursuing this career. So let's dive in!


1. Watch children learn & thrive under your care

Nothing beats watching a child learn to spell their name for the very first time because you taught them how. Or seeing a shy youngster start smiling when a parent drops them off because you've connected with them and they're not afraid anymore.

Imagine seeing a little one learn to tie their shoes, draw a beautiful picture, or laugh with joy as you tell a fun story. This is what early childhood educators experience every single day.

During the first years of life, children learn so much. As an ECE, you'll get a front-row seat to all those transformations and "I can do it!" moments. You'll be their very first teacher—and play a key part in helping them learn and thrive.

Few things in life are more rewarding than guiding a tiny human through important learning milestones. You're setting them up for success and coaching them through each step. And they'll love you for it.


2. Early childhood development is truly fascinating

It's absolutely incredible how much we develop between the ages of zero and 12. From learning to walk and communicate our thoughts—to solving complex problems and understanding social relationships.

There's a whole lot going on in those early years!

This is where ECEs specialize. They get to learn all about how children develop and how best to encourage their growth at every stage.

They work with kids from all backgrounds and can also specialize in supporting children with special learning needs. Every child is unique and will teach you something new about the field.

A career in early childhood education offers endless opportunities to explore and keep learning.

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3. Early Childhood Educators are in demand

Worried about landing your first job after early childhood training?  You won't have much trouble finding work as an ECE.

The latest government career outlook report shows strong demand for ECEs in Quebec. In fact, the role of early childhood educator gets four out of a possible five stars for growth and demand.


4. Stay youthful, keep fit & have fun

Hate the idea of a desk job where you're sitting down and working on a computer all day? Want a career that keeps you on your feet, active, and youthful? You've found it with early childhood education.

There's no doubt about it. Working with young kids takes energy and enthusiasm. But you get so much in return. You'll spend each day seeing the world through your students' eyes...all that possibility, positivity, and excitement for life.

Yes, it's true that some days will test your patience. You'll have to deal with the occasional tantrum, upset stomach, argument, or bad mood. But on the whole, young kids are incredibly positive to be around.

Your "office"  is a classroom, a playground, and a place where kids enjoy themselves. That's a pretty amazing work environment!


5. Be Truly appreciated by parents and families

If you have kids yourself, you'll completely understand this one. Most parents are extremely grateful for preschool and daycare teachers they can really trust, who make their kids feel great about themselves.

When you have to leave your kids in someone else's care all day, you want that person to be smart, kind, responsible, and giving. This is the definition of every talented and caring ECE.

Do your job well, and you will be forever appreciated by parents, families, and the little ones you work with. You'll know how much your work matters and feel a sense of fulfillment every day.


6. Every day is different—you'll never get bored

If you've ever spent time with young children, you know there's always something new to discover, new to do, new to learn. Routine is an important part of any daycare or preschool, but in between those scheduled naps, story times, and park outings, anything can happen!

Your little students will be continuously learning and changing. Each day will bring new adventures and challenges. In this career, you'll never get bored.


7. Early Childhood Education Training takes just 14 months

This is a huge benefit to people who want to avoid spending years of time (and money) at university. You can start a career in early childhood education in well under two years, and you don't need a university degree.

For example, at Herzing College, our early childhood education program takes just 14 months to complete—including an eight-week internship at a daycare or preschool.

The certificate completely prepares you to start work as an ECE immediately after graduating.

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8. You can start your own daycare business

Want to become an entrepreneur and start your own daycare? Many ECEs choose this option. Once you've had a few years of experience, you'll be ready to launch your own little preschool or daycare and be your own boss.

This path comes with some obvious rewards: the chance to earn more money, set your own hours, and run your own ship.

Don't want to work for someone else for the rest of your life? As a trained early childhood educator, you don't have to.

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9. Choose from different early childhood career options

Once you've earned your certificate in early childhood education, you'll have several different career options to choose from. There's a wide range of private and public daycares and preschools where trained ECEs can find employment.

You could also work at a special education organization, focusing on children who learn differently and need special support.

Some early childhood educators decide to become instructors and get hired to deliver ECE training. After working in the field for a few years, you could return to college and teach the diploma program yourself!


10. You get to have fun with kids every day

What more could you ask for? As an ECE, your job is to plan fun, educational activities for young children. This is what you get to do all day long.

If you love being with kids and are creative and energetic, this is your dream career. And while every job has its ups and downs, no matter what happens, you'll get to see those happy, smiling little faces every day.

For truly passionate early childhood educators, it doesn't get any better than that.


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