Need Support? New Personal Counselling Services Available on Campus

Fred Standil is the new Student Services Advisor at Herzing, offering academic and personal counselling to students. Fred has been on the faculty at Herzing College for the past 11 years.

Herzing College Winnipeg is excited to announce new counselling and advising services for students. The new Student Support Services office is located on the second floor by the elevator, and officially launched on February 10, 2020. 

If you’re struggling with a personal or academic problem, this is the place to go. The office is run by Fred Standil, who many students already know as our Community Support Worker instructor. 

Fred has been a highly respected instructor at Herzing (and a favourite among students) for the past 11 years. His extensive professional background in counselling makes him the ideal person to provide support for our students. 

We interviewed Fred this week to learn more about his new role as Student Services Advisor. Find out which services are offered, how to seek help, and why we’re so passionate about launching this program. 


Q: Fred, can you describe your new role? What is a Student Services Advisor?  

Fred: A Student Services Advisor helps students who are dealing with personal and academic problems. I provide direct one-to-one support—or connect students to the right people and resources at the college. I stabilize students who are struggling, and ensure they have the tools needed to achieve their goals.


Q: Specifically what kinds of problems can you help students with? 

Fred: I can help with a range of challenges. For example, if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and just need someone to talk to, I am here to offer support. 

Or, if you’re struggling in class, failing a course, or need help in a particular subject area, we can also provide academic resources. 

Our mission is to help students overcome any obstacles that may prevent them from earning their diploma and achieving their career goals. Whatever your needs are, we're here to help.


Q: Can you share a little about your professional background as a counsellor? 

Fred: I have a background in social services, communications, and teaching. For the past 11 years, I’ve taught the Community Support Worker program at Herzing. I also have extensive experience counselling people in the community who are dealing with personal and social problems. 

I completed a post-baccalaureate specialization in counselling at the University of Manitoba, and spent a year volunteering on the crisis lines at Klinic Community Health


Q: Where exactly on campus in the Student Support office located? 

Fred: You can find us in the Quiet Room, on the second floor by the elevator. You will see a sign outside the door that indicates this is the new Student Support Services office. 

This area is designated for student counselling. It’s a comfortable, welcoming space with a lot of windows. 


Q: Why did Herzing launch this program?  

Fred: I’ve been advocating for this program for quite some time. I’ve spoken with our campus president about creating a support office for students, and was really pleased when we decided to move forward with the plan. 

I’ve seen a need for this for years. Many students need guidance and practical assistance to help them successfully complete their education. It can very difficult to go back to school, especially if you're new to Canada, balancing work and studies, or have a family to look after.

We want students to know we care about their well-being, and help is available.


Q: How do you think the new student support services will impact life on campus? 

Fred: On a micro level, there’s no question of the impact! We can intervene in problems that are stopping students from completing their training. This is a huge step forward. 

It makes the overall learning experience more personalized, and builds a stronger sense of community on campus. 

In my opinion, one of the biggest advantages is helping our students learn really valuable work-life skills. The support services we offer teach students how to self-reflect, communicate their problems, and overcome obstacles. 

Communication and problem-solving are incredibly important skills for success at school, work, and life.


Q: How can students make an appointment with you? Can they just drop by the office? 

Fred: Students can book an appointment with me at the front office. You can also approach me in person and schedule a time to fact, this is what usually happens. 

Since we opened the office, I’ve had several students just walk up to me in the hall and book an appointment. I’m completely comfortable with that. 

You can also stop by the Student Support Services office. I am available for drop-ins between 10am – 1pm, Monday to Thursday. 

If the door is closed, it means I’m meeting with another student. If the door is open, feel free to come right in. 


Q: What would you say to a student who is struggling, but feels uncomfortable asking for help? 

Fred: I would say, give us a chance. I am 100% ready to adjust to your needs and meet you where you are at. The support office is a safe space. It’s a friendly atmosphere with no judgment or criticism. 

It’s also important to know that everything we discuss is confidential. Remember, it shows strength and courage to reach out for help, and the benefits are huge. You don’t need to face your problems alone. 


Are you in need of assistance? 

Stop by the front office to book an appointment with Fred. Or, pass by the Student Support office on the second floor by the elevator. 

We can assist you with academic issues and provide counselling for personal and social problems. Don't wait. Reach out today to talk with Fred. We're here to help.



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