My Review of the Accounting and Payroll Course at Herzing College

Photo: Cris Quejada at her new job at Oakpark Retirement Community, where she works in reception and assists with accounting

After Cris Quejada became a permanent resident of Canada, she knew she needed a Canadian diploma to start a successful career here in Ottawa.

She did her research, figured out which business jobs had strong demand, and decided accounting and payroll was the right choice.

6 months ago, she graduated from Herzing's Accounting and Payroll course, and got hired immediately as a receptionist/accounting assistant.

Going back to school and starting a brand new career isn't easy. We interviewed Cris this week to find out what the process was like for her.

We asked her to review the Accounting and Payroll program, including her opinion of the instructors, courses, internship, and career support services.

Check out this interview to learn more about Cris and her experience at Herzing.


Q: Cris, can share a bit about your background? Why did you decide to go back to school?

Cris: I’m originally from the Philippines. I am now a permanent resident of Canada. I went back to college so I could get an updated Canadian diploma.


Q: What inspired you to choose the Accounting and Payroll course?

Cris: I have always been interested in accounting. Plus, through investigation I found that there was good employment opportunities in this field throughout the Ottawa area.


Q: There are many accounting colleges in Ottawa. Why did you go with Herzing?

Cris: Herzing has a good reputation. Also, during the admission process the Advisor was very knowledgeable and helpful.


Q: How was the accounting instructor and course material? How would you rate the program overall?

Cris: The instructors were awesome. They were very cooperative, really knew their material, and presented to the class professionally. I learned quite a bit, especially accounts receivable and payable.

The training fully prepared me for my first job, and I would highly recommend it to others. Overall, I would rate the accounting and payroll course as excellent.


Q: How was the group you were in? Did everyone get along well?

Cris: The students in my group were a wide variety of ages and nationalities. We had people from all over the world. Everybody worked well together and helped each other whenever we were asked.


Q: What was the hardest part of the Accounting and Payroll program for you?

Cris: Accounting II was the most difficult course for me. This course deals with corporate accounting, which includes long-term liabilities, capital assets, and investments.

I wasn't so interested in these topics. I also found General Journals a bit confusing. But with the help of the instructors, I got through it.


Q: Your favourite part of the program?

Cris: My favourite part was learning about Payroll. I enjoyed calculating CPP, EI and Taxation. Plus, it made me realize what was being taken from my own pay checks at work! 

Overall, I liked that the program was practical, hands-on training that I could finish and graduate in under 10 months.


Q: How was the internship? Was it a good experience for you?

Cris: The internship was great. I worked at Dr. Bumper, an automotive company in Ottawa. I was given responsibility for data entry, invoicing, and communicating with clients.

It really helped boost my confidence. I learned how to use accounting terms in a professional way, in a real work environment.


Q: Where are you working now? How long did it take to find work after graduating from Herzing?

Cris: I am working at Oakpark Retirement Community in Ottawa.

My role is receptionist combined with accounting duties. Herzing helped me with my job search, and I got hired almost immediately after graduation in May 2019.


Q: What is the most important skill to be successful in accounting and payroll?

Cris: Accuracy. If you want to be successful in accounting, you must always check your work thoroughly, and ensure it is accurate. This work takes attention to detail and a lot of focus.


Thank-you, Cris for taking the time to talk with us. We're so proud of what you've accomplished. We wish you every success in your new job!


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