What Jobs Can You Get With a Business Administration Diploma?

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Updated December, 2020.

If you don’t want to spend 3-4 years at university earning a business degree, a business administration diploma is a much faster route to training and employment. 

Most business diplomas can be completed in less than one year. In fact, Herzing offers an accelerated 6-month business administration program. It’s an intensive, full-time learning experience—but you graduate fast and get straight to work. 

Which leads us to the topic of this post: what work options will you have after business college? What jobs can you get with a diploma in business administration? 

If you’re considering a diploma, this is probably your number one question. And it’s definitely smart to look ahead, and make sure you understand your career options before you enrol in the program. 

So, let’s get started. These are the 3 most common entry-level jobs you can expect to get, after graduating with a business administration diploma. See which career path fits your goals, and exactly how to plan your next step.


Business Administration Job #1: Administrative Assistant 

Administrative assistant is a very popular job option for new graduates. In this position, you would be performing a range of tasks that help the office run smoothly. Typical responsibilities for admin assistants include: 

☑️ Answering phones and emails 

☑️ Preparing documents, reports, emails, and presentations 

☑️ Entering data 

☑️ Maintaining files 

☑️ Scheduling appointments 

☑️ Managing office inventory and ordering supplies 

☑️ Making travel arrangements for staff

☑️ Helping to organize office meetings and events 

☑️ Taking minutes at meetings 


Required Skills: Is this position right for you?  

This is an important office support position. Every business needs organized, well-trained administrative assistants in order to function efficiently and grow.  

To succeed in this role, you need good knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. 

Other key skills include: 

☑️ Teamwork 

☑️ Communication 

☑️ Good written and spoken English 

☑️ Organization and time management

☑️ Ability to manage and meet deadlines 

☑️ Project management


Demand and salary for administrative assistants in Ottawa 

The latest job report from the Government of Canada Job Bank shows steady demand for administrative assistants in Ottawa. This position gets 2/3 stars for growth—with many of the opportunities available in government. 

Salaries are competitive. The median wage for admin assistants in Ottawa is $22/hour. With experience, there are opportunities to move into office manager roles, which come with a higher salary. 


business administration diploma job optionsSource: Government of Canada Job Bank, Career Outlook Report 


Business Administration Job #2: Receptionist 

If you earn a business administration diploma, you will be fully qualified to become a receptionist. All kinds of offices hire receptionists, including small businesses, large corporations, and government agencies. 

What exactly does a receptionist do? More than you might think. This role includes: 

☑️ Greeting clients and visitors 

☑️ Directing visitors to the right office, department, or staff member

☑️ Answering phones/operating a switch board or phone system 

☑️ Responding to emails 

☑️ Booking appointments 

☑️ Receiving and processing mail and deliveries 

☑️ Arranging teleconferences 

☑️ Sending invoices 

☑️ Receiving payments  


Required Skills: Is this position right for you?  

As a receptionist, you are the “face” of the company. You are the first person clients and visitors see when they arrive at the office. You are the first point of contact for phone calls and email inquiries. 

Receptionists are also sometimes responsible for general clerical tasks—it depends on the organization you work for. In some cases, this position is a blend of administrative assistant and receptionist duties. 

You’re a good fit for this job if you are: 

☑️ Great with people, friendly and polite 

☑️ Calm under pressure, able to handle a busy environment 

☑️ Organized 

☑️ Comfortable using office computer software 

☑️ Good at solving problems independently 


Demand and salary for receptionists in Ottawa 

Receptionists also get a “fair” rating from the Government of Canada Job Bank. This occupation gets 2/3 stars for growth, and we’re expecting demand to hold steady over the next few years. 

The starting salary for receptionists is a bit lower than administrative assistants.  The median hourly rate for this job is just under $18/hour. 

business administration diploma job optionsSource: Government of Canada Job Bank, Career Outlook Report 


Business Administration Job #3: Accounting Assistant 

If you do a diploma in business administration, part of your coursework will focus on computerized accounting skills. This is because many administrative positions require some knowledge of accounting procedures and software. 

If you’re naturally good with numbers, and have an interest in accounting, you could definitely pursue an entry-level accounting job after college. 

For example, you would qualify for an accounting assistant position—or get hired as an administrative assistant who also helps with accounting. 

It’s quite common for office clerks and assistants to perform some accounting tasks, like entering financial data and preparing bills for clients. 

If you get hired as a full-time accounting assistant, your responsibilities will include: 

☑️ Preparing and processing invoices 

☑️ Helping to manage accounts receivable and payable 

☑️ Preparing journal entries 

☑️ Assisting with payroll 

☑️ Updating employee records 

☑️ Performing general office duties 

☑️ Preparing financial statements 


Required Skills: Is this position right for you? 

You need good numeracy skills to excel in this position, and a very sharp eye for detail. What other abilities do you need to get hired as an accounting assistant? Common requirements include: 

☑️ Knowledge of computerized accounting (at Herzing, our business administration students learn Sage Simply Accounting software) 

☑️ Knowledge of payroll procedures 

☑️ Excellent attention to detail 

☑️ Accuracy and organization 

☑️ Good communication skills, both oral and written 

☑️ Can be trusted with confidential financial information 

☑️ Efficient record-keeping and information management skills 


Demand and salary for accounting assistants in Ottawa 

Like the other 2 jobs we profiled in this post, accounting assistant gets 2/3 stars for demand from the Government of Canada Job Bank. 

The Job Bank predicts “moderate growth” in this industry over the next few years, and says retirements will create new job opportunities, too.  

Salaries are competitive for accounting assistants. The median wage for this position in Ottawa is $22/hour. 

 business administration diploma job optionsSource: Government of Canada Job Bank, Career Outlook Report 


Is a Business administration diploma right for you? 

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The Advisor will also walk you through course schedules, tuition costs, and available scholarships or financial aid options. 

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