What’s it Really Like to Study 3D Animation at Herzing?

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Did you know that Montreal is considered one of the best cities in the world to start an animation career? It’s home to a wide range of 3D and 2D animation studios, and attracts tons of projects and talent from all over the world. 

According to industry research by Montreal International, the animation industry provides over 30,000 jobs in audio-visual production. And as a whole, Quebec has enjoyed an 88% rise in animation contracts since 2017. This sector is really booming. 


3d animation montrealImage source: Montreal International 

If you’re considering becoming an animator in Montreal, you’re definitely in the right place! The biggest challenge you’ll face is choosing the right 3D animation training. 

The city is home to several animation colleges, each with their own approach to curriculum and teaching style. The program you choose will have a direct impact on your success breaking into the industry...so it’s worth doing some research, to figure out what each school has to offer. 

Curious about Herzing’s 3D animation program? Here’s your quick-guide to training, including what to expect in class, and exactly how this program prepares you for a successful animation career.  

Hear from recent grads, see examples of class projects, and find out what it’s really like to study 3D animation at Herzing. Let's get started.


What’s the Length & Structure of the 3D Animation Program? 

Herzing’s 3D diploma program is 24 months long. This is an accelerated, intensive program where students are in class 25 hours per week. 

The training includes 17 different 3D animation courses, each focusing on a different technical skill. There are many hands-on projects along the way, so you can develop material for your professional demo reel. 

By the time you complete the program, you’ll have a polished reel ready to present to animation studios. 

Here’s an example of an animation project done in class at Herzing, by recent grad Karlo Gino. It’s a replica of a Liebherr R995 Mining Excavator. The project was part of a unit on vehicle animation, where students had to create a fully functional vehicle, based on actual blueprints, dimensions, and proportions. 


What Specific Animation Skills Will You Learn? 

This program prepares students for careers in several parts of the animation industry: video games, TV and movie production, web design, advertising/marketing, etc. So you can expect to cover a lot of ground

The main focus is on ensuring students get comfortable using the latest animation software - the tools today's animation professionals use most:

  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max and Maya 
  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • Adobe Premiere 
  • Zbrush 
  • Adobe After Effects 

You will apply and practice every one of these tools while learning a wide range of animation techniques. Herzing students dive deep into: 

  • Storyboarding 
  • Character animation 
  • Modeling characters and scenes 
  • Texturing 
  • Special effects 
  • Lighting 
  • Digital sculpting 
  • Traditional drawing 
  • Video game design (team project) 
  • Architectural and environmental modelling 
  • Demo reel production 

The focus is always on learning by doing. The classroom feels like a real studio environment where you’ll be collaborating with other artists, and producing real animations, all the way through the program. 

“One of the things I enjoyed most is all the animation projects we did in class. We created our own characters and prepared our own storyboard. 

We did a digital sculpt of an original character using Zbrush. We modeled, textured, and animated a car using Maya. We made a character walk, dance, and even do parkour! 

We removed and replaced objects in a video using Adobe After Effects. We simulated smoke using Maya. Our class had the opportunity to learn and use all the latest software tools and 3D techniques.”   

- Karlo Gino, Herzing 3D Animation graduate


Real-world Animation Experience 

One of the most important aspects of Herzing’s 3D animation training is the internship. If you’ve never worked in the industry before, an internship is crucial for getting your foot in the door. 

It helps you gain experience for your resume and demo reel—and gives you access to a real Montreal animation studio. 

Every student in Herzing’s program gets a guaranteed 8-week internship doing animation at a local company or studio. Some even get hired there, after graduating from the program. 

Local employers include Beam Me Up, Simthetic, Rodeo FX, Technologies KAAYA Inc. 


3d animation3D character sculpture Karlo did for a Herzing class project, using ZBrush 


Welcoming, fun learning environment 

Herzing’s animation program attracts people of all ages, from all walks of life. This is a diverse learning environment where everyone feels welcome. It’s not about competition, stress, or stepping on other students to get ahead. 

In many ways, the classroom simulates a real studio, where artists collaborate and share ideas. Karlo says the atmosphere and general vibe in class was one of his favourite parts of the experience. 

“It's a very energetic group of people, who are all full of fresh ideas. I learned a lot from being around them. Everyone shares their ideas and helps each other discover new things and develop new skills.” 


 Check out the whole interview to learn more about life in the 3D program: Meet Karlo: What I Think of Herzing’s 3D Animation Program 


Still have questions? 

If you’re interested in learning more about the 3D animation program, or have questions about the career, your best bet is to meet directly with Admissions. 

Request a personal advising appointment to get a campus tour, learn about tuition and financial aid, and talk about your career goals. An Advisor can walk you through the process, and help you plan your next move. 

Most importantly, you will find out if 3D animation is right for you—and if Herzing is a good fit. Either way, we’re happy to offer advice and support. 

Get started by filling out the Request Information form on this screen. 

Or, click below to browse the 3D Animation program for yourself. See a detailed course list, chat live with an Admissions Advisor, and find links to learn more. We’re here to help! 

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