Top 10 Reasons to Become an Appliance Service Technician

Appliance service technician is one of the most overlooked and underrated trades out there. It’s incredible how few people understand what this occupation is really all about—or the widespread demand for technicians in Canada. 

Over the last few years, the appliance market has gone through some big changes. We’re seeing a whole new breed of technologically advanced, increasingly sophisticated machines. 

People are also buying more appliances than ever before. Research from Market Watch predicts the global kitchen appliance market will grow to a whopping $232 billion by 2023! 

Who’s going to service all those refrigerators, dishwashers, and cooking appliances during and beyond warranty?  

Not everyone wants to just throw out an expensive unit the moment something goes wrong. Ontario is already experiencing waves of retiring appliance techs across the province, leaving jobs open with no one to fill them.

Have you ever considered this line of work? Now is the time to get started. Here’s another 10 very good reasons to become an appliance service technician. 


1. Appliance Service Technicians are in Demand 

To say appliance technicians are in demand is actually an understatement. When we spoke to Whirlpool Canada about jobs, they told us there was a real shortage of skilled technicians. 

Whirlpool Canada rep, Ryan Monaghan, explained that rapidly evolving appliance technology is a key factor. There aren’t enough technicians who know how to maintain and repair the latest units. 

“The industry is changing with new major appliances being more computerized, WiFi enabled and sophisticated. Technicians need to be more tech-savvy than ever, and have new skills and expertise to capitalize on the growing demand for appliance technicians across Canada.” 

Bottom line: Older technicians are retiring. We don’t have enough younger people with the technical skills needed to service today’s more complex appliances. 


2. Work with Leading Appliance Companies

To fill vacant jobs, Whirlpool Canada has been partnering with local trade schools (including Herzing Trades) to develop their Technician Pipeline Program.  

Here's how it works: Whirlpool provides partner school with appliances and training materials, to ensure students get the latest diagnostic and repair skills. Then, they hire talented graduates right out of the program. 

Several Herzing Trades Appliance Technician grads now work for Whirlpool Canada, including Isaac Thomas. 

I got hired by Whirlpool after I completed Herzing’s Appliance Service Technician program. I started out in a warehouse where I learned new skills and expanded my knowledge. I dove deeper into trouble-shooting and was dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis. Now, I’m a technician on the road, working my own calls and always learning something new.” 


3. Variety of Career Options

There are quite a few different career options for skilled appliance service technicians. If you don’t want to work for a large appliance company, you can pursue jobs with: 

  • Appliance wholesalers 
  • Large apartment owners 
  • Small independent service companies 
  • Commercial restaurant equipment industry 


4. Opportunities for Advancement 

It’s easy to build on your Appliance Service Technician training and open up more job options.

For example, some of our graduates get their Gas Technician 2 certification, so they’re qualified to work independently on gas-fired appliances, and can supervise G3 holders. 

If you don’t want to complete another training program, there are also service manager and sales manager positions at most appliance companies.

You can advance in this field with a solid performance record and a few years of experience. 


5. Become an Appliance Service Technician in Just 24 Weeks 

Looking for a fast route to an in-demand trades career? You found it. Appliance technician training can be completed in just 24 weeks. 

Plus, it's a voluntary trade in Ontario, so you don’t have to complete a long apprenticeship and get certified. 

Courses include all the theory and hands-on skills you need to get hired by companies like Whirlpool, right after graduation.  

In 2019, Herzing Trades had a 100% graduate employment rate for the Appliance Service Technician program—at both our campuses in Toronto and Cambridge (based on most recent available data). 

You can’t beat the combination of short training and excellent job prospects. This is one of the strongest motivators to become an appliance technician. 


6. Hands-on Work that Keeps Things Interesting

If you work in appliance repair, trouble-shooting and problem-solving are a major part of your everyday work. It starts in training where you’ll spend a lot of time taking appliances apart, learning how they work, and putting parts back together. 

This continues on-the-job, whether you’re working in the warehouse or going out on service calls. You’ll be solving minor mysteries every day of the week.  

Sure, some aspects of repair work are routine—but ask any technician and they’ll tell you, there’s always something new to learn. 

Whirlpool appliance technician, Christine Cunningham says there’s never a dull moment. 

This job is all about creative problem solving—looking at problems from different angles, testing out different solutions, and finding the root cause of the issue. You need to be open-minded, ask questions, and listen to ideas from other techs. You'll never have all the answers. You're always learning from people around you, and discovering new ways to improve your skills.” 


7. Keep Moving & Meet New People Every Day 

When you first become an appliance technician, you’ll probably start out in the warehouse of an appliance company, doing repairs and refurbishing old units. 

Once you’ve proven your skills, you will move on to doing service calls on the road. For many technicians, this is the best part.

You get to work independently, stay on the move, and meet new people every day. 


8. High Job Satisfaction

Figuring out what’s wrong with an appliance and fixing it can be incredibly satisfying.

Appliance technicians work on a lot of essential household units. These are the machines we rely on every single day, like washers, dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators. 

When an appliance breaks down, life gets so much harder. When a skilled technician shows up, and knows how to fix the problem quickly, it’s a huge stress-reliever for the client. 

Not every service call will be perfect. But most of your customers will be extremely grateful that you’ve helped them get life back to normal. 


9. Relatively clean and safe trade

Compare to other skilled trades, appliance technician is a relatively clean and safe occupation. You mostly work indoors, so there’s limited exposure to extreme cold or heat. 

And unlike HVAC technicians, plumbers, and electricians you won’t have to squeeze into too many dark corners, climb up onto roofs, or get exposed to harsh chemicals or electrical hazards. 

Installing and servicing typical household appliances isn’t usually very messy either. This trade requires some heavy lifting now and then, but as long as you’re careful, you won’t get hurt. 


10. Very Easy to Get Started

With no apprenticeship or certification needed, and only 24 weeks of training, it’s incredibly easy to begin appliance technician training. 

Admission requirements are fairly straightforward, and a good Admissions Advisor will guide you through available funding options to help pay for your program. 

There are several different programs to choose from. At Herzing Trades, for example, we offer 3 different appliance technician programs: 

- Appliance Service Technician (24 weeks) 

- Gas Appliance Service Technician (36 weeks, focus on gas-fired appliances, includes Gas Technician 3 certification) 

- Domestic Appliance Service Technician (12 months, focuses on both gas and electric appliances, includes Gas Technician 3 certification) 

Your first step is to speak with Admissions, to figure out which appliance program makes the most sense for you. 

An Advisor will walk you through courses, career options, financial aid, and how to apply.  

Chat live with an Advisor right now. Or click below to explore the program and get more information. We're here to help!

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