Appliance Repair Training: What Students Like Most About This Course

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Think the world doesn’t need any more appliance service technicians, because people just throw out broken units and buy news ones? 

Think again! Sure, in some cases, a broken appliance may be cheaper to replace than fix. But many of today’s high-tech “smart” units do not fall into that category. 

And there is huge demand for technologically advanced major home appliances. Market research shows sales are up and expected to keep climbing in the years ahead. 

“The Canadian home appliances market is recording growth numbers and is largely driven by the innovation in the appliances...  

The products with multi-utility, smart features, that look simple yet more fashionable than the usual ones are gaining more significance and wide appreciation by consumers. 

These “multi-utility, smart” machines need highly skilled appliance service technicians for maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. 

Companies like Whirlpool Canada can’t find enough service technicians with the right skills to service these highly evolved appliances.  

And that’s exactly why we launched our Appliance Service Technician program in partnership with Whirlpool Canada. 

Curious about the training? Check out our student reviews and the best features of this course.

Best part of the program
? Hands-on Training on Whirlpool appliances 

We interviewed several graduates to get their opinion of our Appliance Service Technician program. 

Across the board, they said their favourite part was taking apart and troubleshooting units in the Herzing workshop.  

Students get to train on the latest Whirlpool appliances and figure out how everything works (hoods, stoves, fridges, washers, dryers, etc.) 

For me, the best part of the Appliance Service Technician program was getting to trouble-shoot all the different types of appliances. I really enjoyed dissecting the units and learning how all the major appliances we use every day actually work.”  Isaac Thomas 


“Definitely my favourite part of training was getting to work on all the different appliances. I really enjoyed the hands-on training and taking apart all the different kinds of units.” Christine Cunningham 


Chance to Get Hired by Whirlpool Canada 

One of the main reasons we created the Appliance Service Technician program was to help Whirlpool Canada find qualified new hires. 

Herzing is part of the Whirlpool technician pipeline program, meaning successful graduates of our course can get hired by Whirlpool right after graduation. 

Both Isaac and Christine landed Whirlpool jobs after just 24 of weeks of training. 

I started out in the Whirlpool warehouse where I learned new skills and expanded my knowledge. I dove deeper into trouble-shooting and was dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis. Now, I'm a technician on the road, working my own calls and always learning something new."  Isaac Thomas 


I finished the Appliance Service Technician program in November—and just a few weeks later I got hired by Whirlpool.” Christine Cunningham 


100% Graduate Employment Rate 

Whirlpool isn’t the only company that hires our Appliance Technician graduates. Our students have been recruited and hired by several Ontario companies, including Trans Global, Canada’s largest appliance service and installation company.    

Trans Global Service hired me about two months after I graduated. Less than one week after my interview I was offered a position. Trans Global Service is a very good company to work for. - Samantha Barrette 


In 2019, our Appliance Service Technician program had a 100% graduate employment rate. That means all the available graduates we surveyed had found jobs in the field. 

This is the best evidence to prove there is strong employment growth in this field. Our grads get hired. Period. 


Pro Instructors & Real-world training simulations 

The best thing about trades training is learning from instructors with real industry experience.  An instructor with years of experience in the trade can teach you real-world skills and fully prepare you for success at work. 

This is the philosophy of our Appliance Service Technician instructor, Michael Burkrinsky 

Michael has 10 years of experience as an appliance technician, including providing tier 2 support for other technicians, plus hands-on and remote troubleshooting. 

He goes the extra mile to provide authentic appliance repair simulations to students in his class. And students say they love it!

Students in this program do a lot of training labs and simulations, based on real situations they’ll encounter at work.  I make sure they graduate with sharp technical, analytical, and problem-solving skills. I tell them, if you can survive me, life at work will be easy!”  


Many graduates say the real-world simulations help them perform better at work. Knowing exactly how appliances function, inside and out, saves time on repairs out in the field. 


Discovering how to take appliances apart and quickly solve problems has helped me on many jobs. I don’t need to look online for instructions or use up too much time trying to tinker around in someone’s home on their appliance, because I have the practical experience. It saves time and boosts your confidence. - Samantha Barrette 


Quick Facts on the Appliance Service Technician Program 

Herzing’s Appliance Technician training is quick, practical, and focused on skills you need to get hired by industry leaders like Whirlpool. 

☑️ 24-week course 

☑️ Available at Toronto and Cambridge campus 

☑️ Taught by industry experts 

☑️ Official partner of Whirlpool Canada  

☑️ 100% graduate employment rate (based on most recent available data) 

☑️ Includes valuable safety certifications 

☑️ Tools and safety gear included 


Click below to explore the program in more detail and chat live with an Admissions Advisor. Ask about tuition, financial aid, and the next start date. We’re here to help! 

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