Top 4 Reasons to Choose a Network Administration Career

Have an interest in IT and considering pursuing a network administration career?

Still on the fence about earning a network admin diploma, and wondering about long-term job prospects in this field?  Or whether there are opportunities to advance, build new skills, or specialize?

You've come to the right place. In this post, we break down four of top reasons network administration is not just a safe career bet, but also an exciting, cutting-edge, well-paid field in which to work.

Read on for some excellent reasons to take up the challenge, and enter the fast-growing world of computer networking.

1. Network admins are in demand across Canada

The latest research from the Government of Canada Job Bank shows a very promising outlook for network administrators and technicians across the provinces and territories.

The Job Bank awards this occupation either 2/3 or 3/3 stars for employability, from coast to coast. Quebec is no exception. If you're considering a network administration career in the Montreal area, you're in the right place.

Montreal gets 3/3 stars for strong employment demand for network admins—a trend that is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

See the full Job Bank report here.

2. Network administrators have strong earning potential

Earning potential isn't the only reason to select a career path, but it's certainly an important factor for many students. Education is an investment you expect to pay off with employment opportunities and a healthy degree of financial security.

In this respect, students who pursue network administrator training are set up to do well. Your entry-level salary (in junior administrator or technician roles) will range from about $38,000—$42,000.

According to Statistics Canada, the mean average salary for network admins/technicians in Montreal is around $59,000. The highest rate of pay for experienced network administrators in the city is approximately $90,000 per year.

3. You can specialize in different areas of network administration

Network administration is a broad field, with plenty of areas in which to specialize—and numerous certifications available to enhance your college training, and expand your job options.

You might begin as a technician and work your way up to a management position, responsible for overseeing a small- to medium-sized network, and supervising a small team.

Or, you may choose to move into cyber security, and develop an expertise is safe-guarding networks from intruders, implementing data recovery solutions, and running predictive security analytics.

Some network administrators become consultants, hired by companies and governments to design brand new networks, or suggest improvements to an existing setup. You might work for one organization, or have several clients—travel is often part of this job.

As long as you're willing to pursue additional certifications and keep on learning, there are many areas of networking in which to specialize, including disaster recovery, small or large-scale network solutions, e-commerce, cloud, wireless networking—or even network sales.

This is a fast-changing, fascinating field. If you're ready to work hard, there's plenty of challenging, interesting work out there.

4. You Can Start a Network Administration Career in Under One Year

Most diploma-level network admin programs take less than one year to complete, preparing grads to enter the workforce quickly after enrollment.

Quality training will include preparation to challenge several important certification exams, such as the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) and Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA).

These are credentials that will help you compete for jobs, and provide a solid foundation for further learning and development.

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