Meet Maria Aquino: Stellar Business Admin Student & Future Accounting Pro

Maria Aquino (far right) poses with other business students at the Herzing College Winnipeg campus

A lot of people choose business administration training because it opens up so many different career paths. Accounting, marketing, sales, management, client services...this program builds a strong foundation in several key areas of business.

And that's exactly what Maria Theresa Aquino was looking for when she started her Business Administration diploma at Herzing earlier this year.

Like so many Herzing students, Maria is focused, hard-working, and determined to carve out a successful future for herself. 

We interviewed Maria to learn more about her story—what brought her to Herzing, why she chose business training, how things are going so far, and her career goals. Here's what we found out.


Q: Maria, can you share a little about yourself? What's your background?

Maria: I am an immigrant from the Philippines, with a background in both office administration and the medical field.  When I came to Winnipeg, I wanted to get formal training in business administration, so I can use the skills and knowledge I learn to build a successful career here.


Q: What inspired you to take Business Administration training? Did you always want to study business?

Maria: I wanted to build on the experience I already had. I was missing some basic and essential skills that I need to pursue a career here. I knew that with stronger skills, I could make better decisions about my career and have more job options.


Q: What made you choose Herzing over another school?

Maria: I chose Herzing because they provide job-oriented training that I know will prepare me for a career in business. The first time I went to inquire for a training program, the admission process was straight forward and very helpful.

I understood Herzing's mission as an institution, which I found interesting and convinced me to enroll in the business administration program. I'm almost done my training now, and it's been exactly how I expected—straight-forward and easy to follow.

Overall, the campus is very conducive to learning.  The staff is friendly and approachable. Everyone feels welcome.


Q: Business training leads to a lot of different job options. What are your career goals?

Maria: Since accounting is so important in any business, I would love to work in accounting. I am also interested in a more general role, like business administration or office management.

I would like to work for government, or a big corporation—where I would be challenged to learn more about the world of business and keep growing.

Overall,  I want to land a job where I can apply everything I've learned in training, be part of a company's success, and continue to learn more skills.


Q: What's been the most challenging thing you've learned so far in class?

Maria: Learning the accounting software and skills for the first time. It's challenging, but also fun and interesting—and very important to be qualified in accounting to get a good office job these days.

Learning to make my own business and marketing plan has also been really challenging. But it's really exciting as well, knowing that you can bring out your creativity, and at the same time, learn and be knowledgeable in the field of business.


Q: What part of training are you enjoying the most?

Maria: I would say the Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access database training. It's really great learning how to be proficient in these programs. These skills are useful in almost every field of work, and you need them to get hired in business.


Q: What are your classmates like? What backgrounds do they come from?

Maria: My classmates are a very diverse group. They come from all backgrounds and age groups. Some are going back to school to switch careers, while others already have relevant work experience and want to enhance their knowledge and skills. I find them to be friendly, fun, and also excited to learn.


Q: Where are you doing your internship? What's it like?

Maria: I am on my internship for the entire month of June, working at a company called The Food System.

I'm working in their accounting department, where they're training me on basics like sorting, filing, verifying sales summary reports, accounts payable and receivable, debit transactions, and other administrative duties.  I'm learning a lot.


Q: In your opinion, what does it take to succeed in the Business Administration program?

Maria: You need to be self-driven, and have a clear goal. It's important to be diligent in reading and analyzing, and also be creative.

But above all, you need to be inspired by the fact that in business, education is continuous and learning never stops. You have to love learning.


Q: Any words of advice for someone who's considering Herzing's program? Would you recommend it ?

Maria: Yes, I would definitely recommend the business administration program.  This training is perfect for those who really want to study, analyze, and truly understand the material. The instructor doesn't just spoon-feed students the information. It's a really fulfilling experience.


Maria, thank-you so much for sharing your story with us. We're so proud of your success in the program so far, and wish you a rewarding, long career in business.


Want to learn more about business administration training at Herzing?

This program is available at the Winnipeg campus AND online through FlexEd. It takes 12 months to complete, and includes an 8-week internship at a local company.

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