Herzing's New H.O.E.P Initiative Lets Students Take More Courses for Free

On May 1st, 2018, Herzing Institutes of Canada launched a ground-breaking new program, designed to make career training and continued professional development much more affordable for students.

It's called the H.O.E.P initiative, which stands for Herzing Open Education Program. Under the new system, anyone who completes a Herzing diploma program, can enrol in further training at no additional tuition cost.

How did this program come about?

Herzing wanted to make continued professional development more accessible to its students and alumni. In today's economy, professionals in every field must keep upgrading and expanding their skills to stay competitive, and advance their careers.

This ongoing training is usually quite expensive, making it difficult for many people to keep growing in their jobs, and qualify for better opportunities.

Here's a breakdown of how H.O.E.P. works, and exactly how Herzing students will benefit from the new program.

Which Students Qualify for Free Training?

H.O.E.P. applies to any student or alumni of Herzing College, and the Pre-Apprenticeship Training (PAT) Institute.  Participating locations include:

  • Herzing College campuses in Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal
  • the Pre-apprenticeship Training (PAT) Institute in Toronto and Cambridge

Are there Limits to How Many Free Courses You Can Take?

The number of additional, free courses students can take depends on the price of the diploma program they first completed. Let's say a student spends $10,000 on a program. The student receives the equivalent in tuition credits, which can be used to cover the cost of additional courses or programs they may be interested in.

For example, a student may complete a Herzing paralegal diploma, and then decide to pursue a mediation certificate through Kompass Professional Development (the continuing education division of Herzing College). They can apply part of their tuition credits to cover the entire cost of the certificate, which is valued at $2,595.  

Likewise, a PAT student may complete a combined electrical and network cabling certificate, and then decide to take three technical design courses offered in a diploma in architectural design at Herzing College.

By applying part of the tuition credits earned, the PAT student would receive about $3,000 in additional training—and take those technical design courses at no additional cost. Students can take as many additional courses as they want, up to the total credit value of their original diploma.

How Can You Learn More?

As of May 1st, 2018, the H.O.E.P. initiative applies to all students and alumni of Herzing Institutes of Canada. Some restrictions do apply between colleges and training institutions, so we recommend checking with your local campus for more details about your specific situation.

Decide which additional course, certificate, or diploma program you would like to take, and ask your campus about applying previous tuition you've paid toward that new training. We'll be more than happy to assist you.

The Herzing Open Education Program is dedicated to all current and new students, as well as alumni that graduate after May 1st, 2018. It’s an incredible opportunity to keep learning, and continue growing in your career. We admire your ambition and hard work, and are completely committed to helping you achieve your dreams.

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