5 Career Paths to Explore After Studying Business Administration

A lot of people choose to study business administration because it covers such a variety of topics and leads to such a wide range of career paths.

A college program in business administration will teach you how to use office software, manage people and projects, handle basic accounting functions, promote an organization’s products, and more.

It can be excellent training for anyone interested in working in an office, leading a team, or even starting a new company.

But where exactly can a business administration diploma lead you? What specific careers can you pursue right after graduation?

Keep reading for details on 5 potential options.


Administrative assistants are the multi-tasking whizzes who keep an office running effectively.

They handle an enormous range of tasks related to information management, communications, and customer service.

An administrative assistant’s responsibilities often include:

☑️ Responding to phone, email, and online inquiries

☑️ Working the reception desk (greeting and directing clients, receiving deliveries, issuing visitor passes, etc.)

☑️ Writing, editing, and formatting reports and presentations

☑️ Organizing files and keeping them up to date

☑️ Scheduling meetings, appointments, and events

☑️ Arranging travel for staff

☑️ Monitoring inventory and ordering office supplies


Salaries: The Government of Canada Job Bank says the median salary for administrative assistants in Winnipeg is around $46,000.

The top admin assistants in the city earn over $66,000.



Account managers act as a link between a business and its customers.

Once the sales team has signed a new client, the account manager strives to make sure the client gets the service and personalized attention they need.

Account managers are also responsible for generating new business by upselling new products or services to existing clients.

Here are some common tasks in this role:

☑️ Helping to develop pitches, proposals, and presentations

☑️ Building and maintaining good client relationships

☑️ Addressing client concerns

☑️ Making sure projects get done properly and on time

☑️ Explaining how new products or services will benefit clients

☑️ Monitoring account budgets


Salaries: According to PayScale, account managers in Winnipeg earn a median salary around $46,000.

At the high end, salaries can exceed $76,000.



Marketing assistants are responsible for supporting the promotional goals of a company.

Working under the direction of a marketing manager, these assistants can be involved in anything from social media and website management to graphic design and online advertising.

Typical tasks include:

☑️ Conducting market research

☑️ Helping to come up with new ways to gain exposure for clients or grow a company’s brand

☑️ Monitoring and evaluating campaign metrics

☑️ Creating blog posts, press releases, or social media content

☑️ Organizing promotional events

☑️ Attending trade shows and conferences


Salaries: In Winnipeg, marketing specialists earn a median salary of about $61,000, according to Job Bank data.

The city’s highest paid marketing specialists make $99,000 or more.



Accounting assistants help keep tabs on the money flowing in and out of a company.

They handle important functions like entering financial data, writing cheques, and preparing client bills.

If you take on this role, you can expect to do things like:

☑️ Processing invoices and payments

☑️ Handling bank deposits

☑️ Reconciling vendor accounts

☑️ Creating journal entries

☑️ Following up on late payments from clients

☑️ Preparing monthly reports

☑️ Helping with payroll


Salaries: The Job Bank says the median salary for accounting clerks in Winnipeg is around $44,000.

The most talented and experienced clerks make more than $58,000.



If you have a great business idea and the stomach for a bit of risk-taking, then becoming an entrepreneur might be a good fit for you.

Business owners often need to:

☑️ Manage payroll

☑️ Attract new clients

☑️ Maintain strong relationships with current customers

☑️ Hire and manage new employees

Karl Raynes used the business course at Herzing College Winnipeg as a springboard to launch his own home care services company.

“The Business Administration diploma included several courses that were very helpful to me.

For example, the course on entrepreneurship, where we learned how to open a business, make a business plan, and create a marketing strategy. I’ve used those skills to locate and attract customers for my business.

The accounting course has also been really helpful. When I started doing the books for my business, I went back and looked at the work I did at Herzing.

I am applying everything I learned to manage our accounts.”


Salaries: While earnings can vary significantly, PayScale says small business owners in Winnipeg have a median income of $50,000.



Quality business training can give you the skills and expertise to pursue any of the above roles.

Take a look at the Business Administration program at Herzing College Winnipeg. It gets you job-ready in only 12 months.

Training is available both on campus and online. All students benefit from an included 8-week internship.

Our graduates have landed jobs with Qualico, Arctic Co-operatives Limited, DMS Industrial Constructors, and other organizations.

Click below to get full details on the Business Administration program and chat live with an Admissions Advisor. We're here to help!

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