7 Excellent Reasons to Choose Electrician Training

Updated May 2021.

Think you'd like to learn a skilled trade and leaning toward becoming an electrician? How can you be sure this career is right for you? 

There are a few obvious things to consider when making your decision.

There's your natural interests—you want to choose a trade that genuinely appeals to you.

And there's the practical side—what you'd actually be good at, given your temperament and raw talents.

And then there are factors like demand for the trade where you live, salary, and employment options.

In this post, we make it easy for you to decide.

We rounded up all the best reasons to choose an electrician career. Find out why electrician is such a popular trade and how to get started with training.


1. Electrician work is challenging—you'll never get bored

Worried that a trades job might get repetitive, and you'll end up doing the same kind of work, over and over, day after day?

It's normal to have this concern, especially if you're the kind of person who likes a challenge, hates routine, and wants to keep things fresh and interesting.

But you're in luck. If you choose an electrician career, you'll truly never be bored. This work is challenging and unpredictable. Every day brings something new.

We recently interviewed electrician apprentice, Jon Kerr, who works at Murray Peters Electric in Hamilton, Ontario. He says the best thing about being an electrician is the challenge:

"Thinking on the fly, working to meet deadlines, and getting creative to solve new kinds of problems—every job is different, so you have to improvise, adapt and overcome."


It's worth checking out the whole interview with Jon: 8 Things You Didn't Know About Becoming an Electrician


2. Avoid years of university debt with a paid electrician apprenticeship

Did you know that the average Canadian graduates with a student loan debt of $16,727? And, that all together, Canadian students owe a mind-blowing $28 billion in loans to all levels of government?

Many graduates regret taking out loans in the first place, while others will spend the next 9-15 years paying off what they owe.

Looking to avoid this nightmare? Electrician training is an excellent alternative.

You can complete pre-apprenticeship electrician training in just 360 hours of class time. A quality program teaches everything you'll need to land an apprenticeship, where you'll actually earn money while continuing to learn.

You'll find employers offer electrician apprentices competitive wages, and in some cases, even benefits and pension.


3. Electricians have a wide range of career options

Electrician training will prepare you to explore all kinds of career options—far beyond typical construction and maintenance work.

You can pursue electrician jobs in many speciality areas, including:

  • industrial work in factories
  • underwater cabling
  • fire alarm installation
  • security system installation
  • communications and call systems (in hospitals, for example)
  • servicing computer controlled relays

There are so many different job opportunities for skilled electricians. For example, Jon Kerr has built a successful electrician career working on deluxe mausoleums (above-ground burial chambers).

He does wiring for motion sensor lighting, audio systems that can play music, extensive fire detection systems, heat detectors, smoke detectors, and flow detectors.

The company he works for, Murray Peters Electric, specializes in this kind of electrical work—and they're known across Ontario for expertise in this area.


4. Steady demand for electricians in Ontario

One of the best reasons to choose electrician training is the job outlook for this trade in Ontario. The Government of Canada Job Bank predicts steady demand for electricians across the province, over the coming years.

In fact, the Job Bank says that employment of electricians in Ontario has been climbing steadily for the past 10 years—mostly in the construction sector.

There's also work from transit projects, residential maintenance and repairs, and investments in new public buildings (hospitals, schools, etc.).

And say you want to move outside of Ontario after electrician training. Your job prospects will hold strong across most of the country.

According to a recent Global News report, electrician is one of the most in-demand trades in the whole of Canada.


5. Electrician is one of the best paid trades

In addition to steady demand for their services, electricians are some of the highest-paid tradespeople in all of Canada.

The median wage for electricians in Toronto is $35/hour (about $70,000/year). At the highest end of the pay scale, Toronto electricians are making $45/hour—that's about $90,000/year.

Money isn't the only reason you should pursue electrician training...but it's a pretty good one!


6. Electricians are well-respected for their expertise

There's no greater satisfaction than knowing you're truly respected for your skills and knowledge on a job site.

Electricians—affectionately called "sparkies"—are widely known for their intelligence, problem solving skills, and technical ability.

After all, electricians are responsible for people's safety. If wiring is done wrong, or safety procedures aren't followed, someone could get shocked, badly burned, or even killed. This is serious work.

Plus, electricians are among the first on a new job site, setting up heating, a/c, and lights for all the other tradespeople. Nothing happens until the electricians are done.

Jon Kerr says that "respect from other trades" is one of the biggest bonuses of working as an electrician.


7. Start your own business after electrician training

After you've logged your class hours and completed your apprenticeship, you could start your own electrician business. In fact, this is what 15% of Ontario electricians choose to do.

If you dream of becoming your own boss, electrician training is your first step to achieving that goal.  You could purchase a franchise, or build your own company from scratch.

You could offer general electrical services, or specialize in a particular area. It's all up to you. Running an electrician business is hard work—but the payoffs are huge.

You keep what you earn, decide your own hours, set your own goals. The sky's the limit.


Ready to take that first step, and learn more about pre-apprenticeship electrician training?

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