3 Reasons to Become a Construction & Maintenance Electrician (& What to Expect in Training)


Most prospective students have already heard that demand for skilled tradespeople has risen sharply across Canada over the last few years.

Our aging population is creating a skills-vacuum in the construction trades. Many workers are retiring, or getting ready to retire, and there simply aren't enough trained workers to take their place.

However, demand for tradespeople varies by geographical region within Canada, and by the type of trade. Before pushing forward with training, it's important for students to research the job outlook in their particular province and city, and for the specific trade they'd like to pursue.

This post is for anyone hoping to pursue construction and maintenance electrician training in Ontario, and specifically in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

We looked at the data on employment prospects for this particular trade, and found three compelling reasons to start an electrician program this year.


Jobs are Booming in Ontario for Electricians

In December of 2016, the Government of Canada Job Bank published its analysis of career trends for thousands of occupations, including "construction and maintenance electrician".

The Job Bank looked at factors impacting employment for electricians in each of the provinces, territories, major regions, and cities across the country.

Then, the government used this data to forecast the job outlook for construction and maintenance electricians in each location, and make predictions about job growth over the next several years.

We looked at the results for Ontario, and the Toronto region in particular, to see what students entering electrician programs could expect in terms of employment opportunities following their training.

We found an encouraging forecast for both the province and its largest city. Here are the highlights of the government analysis:

  • The Job Bank predicts that Ontario as a whole will offer steady demand for construction and maintenance electricians over the next several years (the province received a 2/3 star rating for job growth in this field)
  • Toronto received the Job Bank's highest rating for job growth for construction and maintenance electricians: 3/3 stars for overall employment outlook in this trade
  • Job opportunities will open up as a wave of currently employed electricians retire—at the moment, there aren't enough apprentices ready to take their place, leaving many jobs open for new applicants
  • Population growth in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is prompting new construction, such as numerous condominium projects and residential developments—creating new job opportunities for electricians
  • The province has committed to new construction and upgrades to educational, health, and heritage institutions: long-term projects that will raise demand for construction and maintenance electricians in the GTA and other regions across Ontario


It's Relatively Quick to Become a Construction and Maintenance Electrician in Ontario

Students looking to enter the workforce quickly after high school—or change careers later in life—typically want a fast training program they know will lead straight to employment after graduation.

While there are many career college programs that offer training in just one or two years, few can offer the job security and short duration of electrician training in Ontario.

Construction and maintenance electrician programs can be completed within six months to one year of study. Training is intensive and efficient, covering the most relevant theory and hands-on skills. Common coursework includes:

  • Electrical installation methods (procedures for installing switching devices, conduits, tubing, and cables)
  • Electrical safety protocols (working at heights, lock out and tag safety, traffic control, working in confined spaces or with scaffolding, relevant requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, etc.)
  • Understanding the Electrical Code & Interpreting Blueprints (an overview of the Canadian Electrical Code, and how to complete an electrical installation based on architectural, mechanical, and structural drawings/specifications)


Electricians Can Find Employment in a Range of Work Environments

The Job Bank reports that the majority of construction and maintenance electricians in Ontario are employed in the construction industry. They work for electrical contractors, providing services to a broad range of institutional, residential, and commercial establishments.

However, electricians can find employment with a range of other companies and organizations, such as:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Commercial construction companies
  • Residential construction companies
  • Aerospace product and parts manufacturers
  • Government companies including municipalities

And there you have it—some very encouraging data that supports electrician training as a wise educational investment, and a relatively quick pathway to employment in the GTA.

Are you planning to launch a new career and become a construction and maintenance electrician this year? Looking for a reliable construction trades school in the Toronto area?

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