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Would You Make a Good Electrician? 7 Questions to Consider

Mar 1, 2019 9:38:56 AM

You've heard that electricians make a good salary, and enjoy steady demand in Ontario. You've looked into some trades programs, and think electrician could be a good fit for you.

How Much Math do You Need to Become an Electrician?

Nov 29, 2018 11:06:11 AM

Updated June, 2021.

"So, how much math do I really need to know to become an electrician?" We get this question all the time, when we're interviewing applicants for electrician training.

Many students who are considering electrician training feel insecure about their math skills.

And it's no surprise, given the huge number of students who struggle with math in Ontario (and across Canada).

The Globe and Mail recently ran a story on how elementary students' math scores in Ontario have reached a record low.

Less than half of the province's Grade 6 students met the current standard for math performance—the worst result in years.

For most of these kids, problems with math will only get worse in high school, as the level of difficulty increases.

By the time graduation rolls around, many are totally "done" with math. They never want to see another algebraic equation or geometry question as long as they live!

Sound familiar? Have you heard that electricians use a lot of math on the job, and figure you shouldn't even bother considering this trade?

Before you make up your mind, first understand how electricians actually use math. Take a look at some common applications of math in day-to-day electrical work.


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