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What's a Typical Day for a Construction Electrician?

Jun 10, 2021 12:40:28 PM

Construction electricians are the skilled tradespeople who get the lights on and the machines running.

They plan, install, upgrade, maintain, and repair the electrical systems that bring heat, light, communication, and power to all kinds of new buildings.

And the demand for their expertise is expected to grow.

According to BuildForce Canada, the construction industry in Ontario should be strong right through 2026.

It's fuelled by steady growth in new housing as well as an increase in transit, utility, healthcare, and other infrastructure projects.

Thinking about riding that wave and becoming a construction electrician? Curious about what you'd actually do at work?

In this post, we break down the most typical day-to-day tasks of construction electricians.

We also spoke with an experienced, Hamilton-based construction electrician to get his take on the career.

Find out what to expect, and see if this trade is a good choice for you.

What's Your Role as a Construction Electrician? Duties, Key Skills & Career Outlook

Mar 8, 2018 12:47:44 PM


If you're the type of person who likes solving problems and is curious about how mechanical things work, you should consider pursuing a career as an electrician.

These skilled technicians are responsible for creating the wiring that powers our society, from our homes and workplaces to the lights on our streets.

Not only is it an important occupation for keeping our modern lives running smoothly and safely, but an electrician career also offers excellent job security and employment prospects.


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