24-Week Structured Cabling Course: What Can You Expect in Class?

Photo: Structured cabling student in the training workshop at Herzing College

Are you considering a career as a network cabling specialist?

Or maybe you’re interested in taking a structured cabling course, but have questions about what to expect in class.

Herzing College offers an accelerated Network Cabling program that fully prepares you to become a network cabling specialist in just 24 weeks.

Students learn the exact skillset and knowledge needed to start a career in structured cabling, immediately after graduation.

Let’s look at key skills you’ll learn in the program, along with safety training requirements and potential job opportunities for structured cabling course grads.

By the end of this post, you will have a better idea if Herzing’s Network Cabling Specialist training is right for you.

What is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling refers to telecommunications systems that are installed and customized for a building. The system can include lines for voice, data, and video transmission.

If you work in structured cabling, you know how to safely install, maintain, and repair cabling networks for residential, commercial, and industrial structures.


What will you learn in a structured cabling course?

Herzing’s structured cabling course runs for just 24 weeks and is designed to get students ready for work quickly. Our students are qualified to become network cabling technicians immediately after graduation.

The course is short but concise, with plenty of hands-on training provided by industry professionals.

Classes are held in a state-of-the-art training facility that simulates a real job site. Students get practical experience setting up cable networks from scratch.

Key skills you’ll learn in the program:

☑️ How to install fiber-optic cables, connectors, and systems

☑️ How to use relevant hand and power tools

☑️ How to pull and mount cable

☑️ How to prepare and test cable connections

☑️ How to conduct site surveys and preparing bid proposals

☑️ How to create materials price-lists and cost estimates


Herzing's structured cabling course also includes important safety certifications. Employers prefer to hire cable technicians trained in job safety, so getting certified will give you a competitive edge.

Successful students graduate with the following certifications:


☑️ Working at Heights

☑️ Elevating Work Platforms

☑️ Lockout & Tag Safety

☑️ Scaffold Users’ Hazard Awareness

☑️ Confined Spaces Hazard Awareness


Do I need a Certificate of Qualification to become a cabling specialist?

Network Cabling Specialist is considered a “voluntary” trade in Ontario, so completing an apprenticeship and getting certified is not required.

If you choose to pursue certification, you can continue on to complete your apprenticeship hours and challenge the exam. Herzing's structured cabling courses provides a strong start to this process.

In total, it takes about 2.5 years to get certified as a network cabling specialist. Certification can help you qualify for more jobs in the field.


Job options for graduates of the structured cabling course

Graduates of Herzing’s structured cabling course (called the Network Cabling Specialist program) are qualified for a number of job opportunities including:

☑️ Network Cabling Specialist Technician

☑️ IT Technician 

☑️ CATV Technician 

☑️ Telecommunication Contractor 

☑️ Fiber Optic Technician 


What skills do you need to get hired for this type of work? Here are some common requirements from network cabling job postings:

☑️ Demonstrated ability to develop construction estimates for new fibre construction projects

☑️ Attention to detail ensuring accurate construction documentation and written standards

☑️ Knowledge of fibre optic network construction techniques, construction equipment and network technologies

☑️ Familiar with fibre optics, copper, coaxial line, and single line equipment and machinery

☑️ Able to determine nature, cause and location of connection trouble

☑️ Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) certified

☑️ Attention to detail when completing test and service reports


Should you consider combined Electrician & Network Cabling training?

Herzing College also offers a Combined Electrician & Network Cabling program. With hands-on training and classroom theory, students learn the skills needed to succeed in both trades.

Network cabling and electrical work go hand-in-hand. 

Learning skills in both domains offers more job options and a big professional advantage. Here’s why:

☑️ Network cabling technicians benefit from a deeper understanding of electrical theory

☑️ Electricians with network cabling training can also install communications networks in buildings (along with wiring and electrical fixtures)

☑️ Job options are doubled after graduation along with higher earning potential

☑️ The Combined Electrician and Network Cabling program is only 42 weeks in length

Recent Herzing graduate, Leshan Patterson took the combined program.

He says it helped him land an electrician apprenticeship with a great Toronto company that delivers residential and commercial electrical services.

“The Combined Electrician and Network Cabling program at Herzing provided me with all the training and tools necessary to walk onto a job site, and have an impact immediately on my first day.

In my opinion, studying both trades provides me with the foundation and skillset necessary to increase my earning potential, and be a valuable member of any trades organization."

Read Leshan's complete review of the program here.


Still have questions about structured cabling training or careers?

If you want to learn more about the structured cabling course, or combined electrician/network cabling program, reach out to Admissions.

An Admissions Advisor will walk you through both training options. They can explain job options, costs, financial aid, and how to apply.

An Advisor will help you figure out which course is best for you.

Get started by exploring Network Cabling training in more detail. Click below to browse the program and chat live with Admissions. We're here to help!

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