Is Gas Technician Training Worth It? Here's What You Need to Know

Updated January 2024

If you’ve landed on this page you must be considering becoming a gas technician or adding a gas technician certification to your current skillset. 

And like any intelligent person, you’re looking at the training and licensing process and wondering, Is this worth the time and money? 

Is there demand for gas technicians? How tough is the exam? How long does the whole process take? What are the main benefits of getting certified? 

That’s exactly what we’re covering in today’s post. Find out if gas technician training makes sense for you and get helpful info on how to get started. 

Long Does Gas Technician Training Take? 

Are you starting from scratch? You can complete a Gas Technician 3 course in just 12 weeks. This is the beginner level. There are three levels of gas technician certification: G3, G2, and G1. 

Everyone starts with G3. With experience, you can challenge the more advanced certifications. 

Already have your G3 and want to move up to the G2 level? Gas Technician 2 training takes 24 weeks. That’s still extremely quick, especially when you compare it to other trades.

At Herzing College, we also offer a combined G3 and G2 Gas Technician course. The training runs for 36 weeks. Students take the G3 exam during the course and move straight on to the G2. By the time you graduate, you have your G2 Gas Technician licence.

In terms of time, the investment is definitely worth it. Gas technician training is much faster than other trades, like plumber or electrician. You can be certified and on the job in under one year. 


You Don’t Need an Apprenticeship to Get Certified 

Speaking of time...gas technicians don’t need to complete an apprenticeship, which greatly speeds up the training and certification timeline. 

Skilled trades like plumber, electrician, and HVAC technician require about five years of training and apprenticeship. It’s a long process--even longer than a university degree! 

If you’re looking for a faster route to certification and employment, gas technician is ideal. One of our recent graduates, Neil Szabo, says quick certification was the main reason he chose this trade: 

“One and a half years to get certified and back to work was about the maximum I was looking to take. Other trades programs were longer or had very crowded apprenticeship queues that just didn’t work for me. Gas technician training was the most efficient, quick option.” 

Check out our full interview with Neil: My Review of Gas Technician Training at Herzing College 


What Are Your Gas Technician Job Options? 

Wondering about job prospects after graduation? According to the latest data from the Government of Canada Job Bank, gas technicians should enjoy steady demand throughout Ontario for the next few years. 

Starting as a Gas Technician 3, you can be hired for the following work: 

☑️ Helper to a G2 or G1 Technician 

☑️ Doing maintenance on gas appliances (under general supervision) 

☑️ Doing gas piping (under general supervision) 


When you progress to Gas Technician 2, you are qualified for the following: 

☑️ Working independently on any gas-fired vapor phase equipment 400,000 BTUH 

☑️ Doing all the electrical work that is essential to the operation of the equipment (excluding branch lines to the panel or other, unrelated electrical work) 

☑️ Doing all the plumbing work that is essential to the operation of the equipment (excluding additional plumbing work that requires a plumbing licence) 


Most gas technicians work in the construction industry. Many also work for utility companies, mainly to install and maintain natural gas lines and equipment. 

The Job Bank says the median salary for gas technicians in Ontario is $30 an hour, or about $62,000 a year.


What's Involved in the Gas Technician Certification Exam?

You have to pass the TSSA certification exam to earn your licence and work as a gas technician in Ontario. The whole point of gas technician training is to prepare you for the exams.

Each level (G3, G2, G1) has its own certification exam.

The exams are all multiple-choice. The number of questions ranges from 50 to 165, depending on the level of certification.

You need a minimum of 75 per cent to pass.

Check out this post for more details: 6 Things To Know About The TSSA Exams


Key Benefits of Getting Your Gas Technician Certification 

Gas technician skills relate to several different trades, including plumbing, HVAC, and appliance installation and servicing. 

You can build on this certification and open up career opportunities in other areas of the skilled trades. This includes becoming a gas technician instructor. 

G1 holder and instructor Winston McKenzie-Plummer explains the key benefits of getting certified. 

“The best reason is the field is not saturated. There are good job opportunities out there. Gas technician work is challenging, rewarding, and well-paid. 

Also, there's variety in this job. You get to do gas work and parts of other trades too, like plumbing, electrical, and sheet metal work. 

Plus, don't forget, we live in a country that starts with winter and ends with winter. Skilled gas technicians will always be in demand!” 


Gas technician Training Providers 

All gas technician training programs in Ontario must be approved by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). 

Any school that offers this training delivers the standard TSSA-approved curriculum. It’s the same course content at every school. 

At Herzing College, we deliver G3 and G2 training at campuses in Toronto and Cambridge.  Courses start at 12 weeks and go up to 36 weeks (for combined G3 and G2 training). 

Once you complete the program, you can challenge the TSSA licensing exam and start work. Our licensed instructors provide comprehensive exam preparation, including theory and hands-on training. 

We also provide career assistance to help you get hired after graduation.


Your Next Step 

What's the verdict? Have you figured out if gas technician training is worth it for you? Whether you need more information or are ready to start training, we can help. 

Click below to explore Herzing’s Gas Technician courses. Learn more about exams, careers, and where our graduates get hired. Chat live with an advisor to get your questions answered today. 

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