We Now Offer Online Community Support Worker Training! Here’s How it Works

Have you thought about pursuing a career in community services or social work, but are too busy to go back to school? 

Don’t want to quit your job to complete a diploma? 

You’re definitely not alone. In fact, most college students work while they study, and many are parents who juggle work, family, and training. 

For the past few years, we’ve been working on making more of our diploma programs available online. We call it Flex-Ed—but it boils down to better options for busy people who want to train for new careers. 

And now, Flex-Ed training options are available for our Community Support Worker program. 

Exactly how does it work? Here are the new, flexible ways you can go about earning this diploma—and starting your new career. 


Option #1: Earn Your Community Support Worker Diploma Entirely Online 

This study option is perfect for someone who lives far from our Winnipeg campus, and has no time to attend class in person. 

You can watch all your course lectures online, and access all your study materials through our Integrated Learning system. It’s fast, convenient, and simple to use. 

You'll have regular class meetings online, and get the chance to interact with your peers through live discussion groups. You’ll also get personalized help from the instructor, who you can contact at any time. 


Main advantages of online CSW training 

  • Fit coursework around your schedule - study on the weekends, evenings, or whenever you have free time
  • You don't have to attend any classes on campus - but you still get access to important services, like job search help, resume preparation, mock interviews, and instructor support
  • Feel like you're part of a real class with online discussion groups, and regular contact with your instructor
  • Get access to a complete database of course materials, which you can access whenever you want (we'll train you on how to use it, and provide technical support if case you need help)


The quality of our online community support worker program is no different from the on-campus version. You study the same concepts, and learn the same skills. You graduate in the same number of months, and complete the 4-week internship—just like every other student. 

The only real difference is you’re free from a rigid class schedule. The program fits around your schedule, rather than the other way around. 


Option #2: Combine Online CSW Training with Occasional Classes on Campus 

We call this a “hybrid” learning model. This option is perfect for students who want a blend of online and on-campus learning. You can follow along with the course material and lectures online—while dropping in for occasional classes on campus. 

It’s a great approach for students who want to connect with their classmates and instructor in person, without committing to full-time study at the college. 

You still have full access to course materials and lectures online, without sacrificing the “college campus” experience. 


Main advantages of hybrid CSW training 

  • Perfect blend of online learning and the on-campus experience
  • Study on your own terms, fitting coursework around your schedule
  • Participate in campus events and activities whenever you want 
  • Meet your instructor and classmates in person; attend select classes on campus
  • Get access to all lectures and course materials online

Students who choose the hybrid option still get career assistance, access to the computer lab, and all other Herzing campus services. 

This is truly our most flexible learning model ever...and a growing trend in post-secondary training across the globe. Many colleges and universities are beginning to offer students similar online learning options. 


Fast Facts About the Community Support Worker Program 

Herzing's CSW program is 11 months long, including a guaranteed 4-week internship at a local community organization. Students learn how to interview, counsel, and assist people struggling with a wide range of personal and social challenges. 

These skills are in demand in Winnipeg. In 2018, a full 100% of Herzing Winnipeg CSW graduates were employed in a related field (statistic based on most recent available).

Courses for this diploma include: 

  • Addictions
  • Psychology 
  • Sociology 
  • Mental health 
  • Counselling and interviewing techniques 
  • High-risk populations 
  • Canadian social work practice, methods, and challenges 
  • Local community services and resources 
  • English communications, oral and written 
  • Career development, job search, interview skills 


Is Online Community Support Worker Training Right For You? 

Completing your Community Support Worker diploma online presents some different challenges than a traditional, on-campus approach. 

For example, online students need to stay motivated and disciplined, and keep up with course material independently. You can choose when and where you do assignments—but you’ll need to stick to deadlines, and get work done on time. 

If you have questions about our online learning process, or can’t decide between the purely online or hybrid options, we’re here to help. 

Reach out to Admissions to chat about your goals, concerns, and learning needs. You can start by filling out the Request for Information form on this screen.  

Or, click below to visit the CSW Program page, where you can chat live with an Admissions Advisor, book a campus tour, and request details via email. 

Our team can help you decide which version of the CSW training works best for you, and exactly how to get started.  

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